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How to Generate B2B Leads for SAP Partners: The Ultimate Guide

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How can I increase my B2B sales leads?


A B2B marketing team should be able to create leads that convert into customers and generate leads using content that can be viewed as valuable to customers. It's not a simple task. Using these techniques will help your company beat competitors and gain considerable growth. Quantity has a lesser importance than quality. Simply increasing lead numbers doesn't have much effect on business growth. If your lead volume is 20%, then it's 20% better and more profitable. Unfortunately, the lead generation process is very difficult. In fact, 85% think lead generation is a major issue.




Many SAP sales teams have trouble selling Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The problem occurs mainly through an lack of awareness of the importance of implementing a comprehensive ERP solution system tailored for a specific customer needs. Having an overall sales process that is adaptable and flexible are key factors in a fast and efficient marketing qualified leads production process without sacrificing the quality of any product. It also makes your sales team job a lot easier.


Understand the target audience for your product


Knowing who to ask is important to simplify your targeted audience outreach process and significantly reduces your time to start generating leads.


Account Based Marketing


Most SAP ERP sales involve many members from the customer side, including partners.  That's why it is imperative to practice what is known as Account Based Marketing or ABM.


Right Message, Right Person, Right Time


This approach offers a chance to develop targeted marketing strategies based upon the unique features of SAP ERP software as part of a comprehensive demand generation process using all the tools available to leverage all marketing channels. To reach this point, you must create an attractive buyer persona representing potential customers so they can see if this solution works for them. Depending on your business, the answers can come from a variety of sources: for example, a medical institution might utilize products differently from insurance agents.


Delve into customer experience


Identify potential customers for whom ERP solutions might be relevant by addressing the customer experience for the better. The company will be more likely to provide reasonable prices of products, deliver items of consistent high quality and deliver products in the agreed upon timeline efficiently. Don't be shy in giving tangible examples, especially from organizations which see significant increases in profits when they implement solutions to scenarios that are similar to your current prospect - it's all about relevance. In the end, better performance results in more sales from happy clients.


Make a strong case for the Cost Savings


Return on Investment for ERP system varies based upon the system and effectively it was implemented and ultimately used. It is important that companies demonstrate how erp solutions will increase revenue while decreasing costs, regardless of industry. As staff use this software in a more efficient fashion, it eventually increases profits. In addition to lead generation your marketing and sales program must highlight how the SAP ERP software will generate value for the client - which makes it worth every penny.


Do your research


It's easy to skip this part, it is crucial to your company's success and is emphasized in a way that is impossible to stress. You do not want to waste the opportunity to contact an entity you have never even heard of. Using resources for research could greatly improve your prospects. SalesLoft believes understanding prospective industries as much as understanding company products is essential. How can I convince my prospects? Find their interest.


B2B Lead Generation Through an Omnichannel Sales Strategy


The best lead generation tool can help you increase sales. Using this 6-step system, you will have great success if you do everything above and most of it will be possible to reach all sales targets. If you need help to generate quality lead generation through sales or PPC chat click our guide.


Sales and Marketing Alignment


Your sales and marketing team will often have trouble getting your sales targets accomplished. If sales and marketing are aligned you can expect a 32% growth rate year-over-year. Several helpful suggestions to get the best alignment are outlined.


Use Sales Chat on Your Website


Sales Chat can help reduce bounce rates and convert visitors to qualified leads that would like to learn more about your product/service. It ensures a bot or some other person (for example a bot) can always be on hand to chat or interact with visitors.


Promote transparency angle


Your target market may not realize what exciting features are available in ERP implementations across your organisation. The senior management team has also started tracking data in real-time to assess measurable results across departments and team members. In the event your product has been sold, focus on the clear ways in which an ERP system provides more transparency within the professional environment, where precise and updated information is easily available. This increase in benefits means communication with staff is more frequent, resulting in an atmosphere which encourages better results and improved collaboration among the staff.


Don't forget the Supplementary Benefits


Customers can't install an application without data backing it. Performance is not guaranteed. That doesn't mean that you should miss the lesser qualities of this product, such as improving efficiency of current employees at their current job. In some cases, the intangible advantages of employing ERP technology are useful for accelerating performance targets for the employees and delivering constant increases in revenue. Demand generation for ERP software requires coordinated efforts and a well-planned strategy in order to attract the right people and increase sales.


More great tips to increase your B2B sales leads


Here are some of the best strategies for increasing sales leads:

  1. Get on with a good conversation.
  2. Create a specific business contact list.
  3. Get us cold email.
  4. Give a warm call.
  5. Automate marketing for your prospects. Set up a live chat on your website.
  6. Update an email signature with embedded promotions.
  7. Join appropriate social networks.
  8. Publish a business directory.
  9. Use web sites to get leads.
  10. Ask relevant questions at the site. Questions and Answers.
  11. Read reviews from other customers.
  12. Advertise on Twitter and Facebook to generate leads.
  13. Using Google Adwords to improve site traffic.

The new B2B sales playbook


Find the right sales team. The new environment demands an integrated multifunction team to develop globally repeatable sales process standards that can be used for the production and distribution of go-to-market content. It should be simplified and aim to produce at least three standard marketing materials based on a specific industry sector. The content creation process involves regional stakeholders and should also be accompanied by feedback from field sales and marketing teams worldwide.


Employ Social Selling


Social media is one of the best method to increase lead numbers as well as sales growth. LinkedIn, for example, is rapidly becoming one of the best social networking sites for lead generation as part of a social selling strategy. No longer just a place to recruit people, it provides a number of ways to connect with qualified potential customers via numerous marketing channels on the platform. This gives salespeople a 51% higher chance of achieving their sales targets. Social Media provides a unique chance for you to find out the identity of your prospects before contacting them.


Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator


You can also uncover more leads by exploring the connections of the people you're are contacting on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for full throttled targeted sales approaches, when done in a Linked inny kind of way.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a 'must have' tool for your entire sales team if they want to be able to find the right people with the right job titles in the right industry, and reach them consistently with highly targeted, highly relevant messaging.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Hubspot Integration

While LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you leverage all of the information and power of the LinkedIn network, by integrating it with Hubspot, you have an integrated Inbound Marketing Platform you can fully leverage


Talk about the risks, don't just sell


Successful ERP solutions differentiate themselves from the rest by addressing the customers in a straightforward way. You must find out what products work best for your organization and do so objectively. Sharing the appropriate communication can raise software reliability and increase the perception of reliability to potential users. Prospective consumers in todays day and age prefer to find out the difference between what works and not, with no information about any particular products.


Share the implementation process


Potential audiences, particularly higher-ranking management, could be hesitant in implementing new technological developments based on fear they would cause additional problems or impose additional obstacles. Sales and marketing professionals must address this misconception directly by demonstrating the implementation of the ERP software and the ease of operation. Upon demonstrating that the execution is seamless and integration then they will be happy with the added cost.


Make a strong case for the Cost Savings


Return on Investment varies based upon an ERP system however usually is higher. It is important that companies demonstrate how this type of solution will increase revenue while decreasing costs, regardless of industry. As staff use this software in a more efficient fashion, it eventually increases profits. In addition to lead generation your marketing and sales program must highlight the SAP ERP software in essence - which makes it worth every penny.


What clients want right now


Instead of asking their sales agents to individually modify a business model, organizations should allow more sales lead generation activities within their new context. The salesperson has been encouraged to invest in prospecting by using Zoom, e.g. Teams. While this action may help, this action will not be enough to assist the seller in filling the gap in their pipeline. To increase leads, a salesperson must meet their potential clients online.


Master Outbound Calling


It's essential to master your sales team's inbound call technique. Many sales occur through the phone. Inbound Call Strategies are effective at increasing your likelihood of using each interaction at your own pace.


Master Inbound Marketing


Your website is the most important aspect of inbound marketing. The site's job is to attract and convert visitors into leads, then customers. Once you have captured a prospect's information, it's essential for sales reps to follow up quickly with personalized emails and phone calls that are relevant to their interests.


Use Marketing Automation


Leads generated from SAP partners should be nurtured through automated marketing programs until they're ready for a sales call. This will help ensure that no opportunity falls through the cracks - and that your team is always working with hot leads.


Make LinkedIn Work for You


LinkedIn can be used as an extension of your company website by providing detailed information about your products or services. It can help you generate leads from your Ideal Customer Profile. When someone visits your LinkedIn profile, you can show them examples of SAP ERP implementations and SAP software features. It is an ideal approach for generating leads. These leads are high quality leads. That why your lead generation campaigns should always include LinkedIn in your marketing campaigns mix.


Optimize Your Website for Leads


The website is a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation; therefore SAP partners must optimize their websites in such way as to capitalize on this potential to generate high quality leads. Having an optimized SAP partner website makes it easy for prospective customers who are searching online to find relevant information about SAP software/technologies without leaving the site, often becoming marketing qualified leads then and there. It's important that your marketing teams ensure each page includes contact information so prospects know how they can reach out immediately if needed or ask questions before making a decision about purchasing from SAP Solution Provider like yourself!


Create a Success Story


A fantastic way for marketing teams to generate SAP leads is through SAP case studies. SAP business partners should have a good understanding of SAP software and the real-world companies who use it. This will help you generate erp leads in a more effective manner since it gives prospective customers an example of how successful SAP can be for their own companies.


Use Multiple Marketing Channels


No matter how good your product is, you can't rely on a single marketing strategy to generate erp leads. The best way to generate SAP leads is by using a variety of methods, including social media, content marketing, and outbound calling. This will help you to generate more leads and reach more potential customers and increase your chances of making a sale.


Generating B2B leads for SAP partners can be challenging, but with the right approach, it's definitely possible. By using social media, case studies, and multiple marketing channels, sales and marketing teams can significantly increase their chances of success.


Use Paids Ads


Use of SAP partner ads is a great way to reach new customers, and can be very successful in generating leads. Paid search engine marketing (SEM) using relevant keywords related to SAP software will ensure that your company's website appears as one of the top results when potential customers are searching for information about SAP products and services.


Generating B-to-B leads for SAP partners can seem daunting, but with the right approach it’s definitely doable. Utilizing social media, case studies, and multiple marketing channels will help sales and marketing teams increase their chances or success significantly. Additionally, paid advertising through SEM can put your company at the forefront of potential buyers minds. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing these tactics today


Target the Entire Organization Using Account Based Marketing


SAP ERP Solutions


SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that aims to help organizations manage their business processes more effectively. SAP software enables companies in every industry to streamline their operations, improve productivity and efficiency, and increase revenue. SAP erp solutions are often used by large corporations with complex organizational structures and multiple departments.


As the pandemic continues to expand its impact across businesses worldwide, it will be interesting to see how many of these trends stick around long term after the crisis has passed. The fact remains though that SAP can offer a wide range of benefits for your finance department’s short-term needs as well as for your long-term strategy moving forward into 2022 and beyond.


Target Sales


In order to generate SAP leads, sales and marketing professionals need to target the right decision makers within potential customer organizations. The most effective way to do this is through account-based marketing (ABM). ABM allows sales and marketing teams to focus their efforts on specific accounts that are most likely to buy from them. You can use a variety communication channels in an ABM environment, i.e., social media posts, referrals from existing customers and other lead generation channels.


Use Value Engineering for Demand Generation


Prove the Value of SAP Solutions


When selling SAP solutions, it's important to remember that price is not the only factor that potential customers consider. They have many pain points. In order to generate SAP leads, you need to offer value in addition to your products and services. This can be done through value engineering, which is the process of designing a product or service so that it provides more value than the cost of its components. By offering more value for less money, you make it easier for potential customers to justify purchasing from you.


SAP partners looking to increase their lead generation efforts should focus on using multiple marketing channels, targeting the entire organization with account-based marketing, and leveraging value engineering to provide more value for less money. With these strategies in place, sales and marketing teams will have a far easier time of it. They will also drastically improve your sales outcomes.


Prove Why You're the Right SAP Partner


There are many SAP partners out there, and it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. In order to generate SAP leads, you need to prove that your company is the right fit for potential customers' needs. This can be done through case studies, testimonials and referrals. SAP partners looking to increase their lead generation efforts should focus on using multiple marketing channels, targeting the entire organization with account-based marketing, and leveraging value engineering to provide more value for less money. With these strategies in place, sales and marketing teams will have a far easier time of it. They will also drastically improve your sales outcomes.


Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

Specialized in SAP Partner Lead Generation!


If SAP partners don't have the time or resources to handle all of their SAP lead generation in-house, they can hire an agency to do it for them. This allows SAP partners access to a team of expert marketers who are focused on growing your business.


An agency will take care of everything from content creation and SEO optimization to social media management and email marketing campaigns. They can build high-converting landing pages that convert at world class rates that target the right audience. You just sit back and watch as these professionals generate SAP leads that convert into customers with ease!


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