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3 Powerful Techniques for Increasing Your Inbound Sales

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SAP Partner Inbound Sales and Marketing


SAP Partners' sales and marketing teams perform a delicate dance – your marketing team is working to generate new leads while your sales team is simultaneously working to close those leads. The two teams usually share a budget and have similar goals, yet their roles are very different.

Both your sales and marketing teams want to see results, and inbound sales are one of the most effective ways to see inbound sales success from increasing organic traffic as well as all the other marketing channels, such as paid, social, email and direct as well as in-person events and networking.


How Inbound Sales Teams Differentiate Themselves

An Inbound Sales Strategists View Point

Inbound sales focuses on providing value to your potential customers so they want to work with your organization in the future, making it easier for salespeople to meet their quotas.

The Top Benefits of Using Inbound Sales to Grow Your SAP Partner Book of Business

Understanding the Inbound Sales Philosophy

Where an outbound sales process is like “pushing” your product or services onto a potential customer, using an inbound sales process is like “pulling” customers into your product or services. Using content and customer data, inbound sales teams approach marketing from a unique, personalized perspective.  


While there are many benefits to using inbound sales, the top benefits of using this method are:


  • Social media: Companies in 14 of the most common industries – like computer software and healthcare – that engage in social selling see over half of their revenue from this marketing tactic.

  • Email marketing: Using email to engage customers is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Asking a question in the email can result in a 50% greater chance of receiving a response.

  • Customer preference: More than 50% of customers would rather wait to hear from a salesperson after they’ve had time to prepare a list of questions or concerns.


Inbound sales requires a commitment to focusing on what your customer wants and needs.  Inbound sales reps will need Inbound sales content which should answer questions and provide value to your potential customers. With this marketing method, people appreciate the value an Inbound sales person provides and remember it when they are ready to purchase.


SAP Partners and other complex service providers must keep in mind that Inbound sales isn’t just posting a few photos and captions on Instagram or writing a couple of blogs about your industry – it’s a comprehensive approach to growing your business organically.

3 Techniques You Can Use to Explode Your Inbound Sales Growth

While it can seem overwhelming to start an inbound sales strategy from scratch, there are easy, yet powerful ways to use techniques that will boost your company’s growth.

1. Define Your Company’s Buyer Persona(s)

A buyer persona is effectively a representation of what motivates your customer. Though it is a fictional representation, you should craft a buyer persona from the data you have about your current customers. Information you need to create a comprehensive buyer persona includes:

● Whether the customer is a consumer or business

● The person’s role in their household or company

● Their approach to company and professional goals

● What social media channels they prefer to use?

Smaller businesses or companies in niche industries may only have one buyer persona for their organization, where larger companies with a more diverse product offering may have several personas to work with.

2. Analyze How People Interact and Engage with Your Website

Digital body language – or your customer’s footprint on your website – is one of the most effective ways to improve your inbound sales results. The data you gather about how people interact with your website can be used to improve your inbound sales content. Relevant data to analyze includes:

● The pages a customer has visited on your site

Content a customer has downloaded or engaged with on your site

Information a customer has submitted in forms on your site

● What path a customer took to get to your site

The more information you have about your customers or site visitors, the more capable you are of creating content that is engaging and valuable.

3. Align Your Sales and Marketing Efforts and Goals

To get the most out of your company’s marketing efforts, your sales team and marketing team need to be fully aligned on the company’s goals. Using a platform that gives both teams access to the same information can help align those goals. Goals that should be aligned are:

  • How inbound leads and outbound leads are handled internally
  • How marketing efforts can improve your sales teams’ goal achievement rates
  • How sales data can be used to streamline marketing efforts
  • How both teams can improve their processes to encourage growth

If your Inbound Sales Teams and Inbound Marketing Teams aren’t working together, you’re going to see lackluster results from your inbound sales efforts. Your marketing efforts need to provide value to your sales team.  

Tips for Creating Engaging Inbound Sales Content

The primary reason businesses use inbound sales content is that it drives organic revenue. Large and small businesses use content marketing to increase their search rankings and improve the value they offer their potential customers.


Engaging content is a cornerstone of inbound sales and marketing. Creating it requires expertise and time, and results aren’t often seen overnight which can make many marketing professionals anxious.


You can, however, use these tips to make your inbound sales content more relevant:


  • Research keywords: The keywords you use in your content will dictate what traffic comes to your site. Use the right keywords for your industry and experience.

  • Obsess over competitors: Read all of your competitors’ blogs, emails, and websites to get ideas on how you can improve your own inbound sales content.  Consider investing in a platform like SEMRush for in-depth competitor analysis support

  • Analyze content regularly: Constantly track how your content is performing and how keywords can be optimized more efficiently.


Use your network to promote new content you create. Share blog posts on LinkedIn and link back to your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How an Inbound Sales Consultant Can Improve Your Inbound Sales Content

Most business owners only have the capacity to make small tweaks to their inbound sales content. When it comes to writing long-form content and putting together a blogging plan, an inbound sales consultant is better suited to the task.


An inbound sales consultant knows SEO best practices that can increase your search rankings, how landing pages can improve your conversion rates, and what content you need to improve site visibility.  


As specialist who hold the Inbound Sales Certification, we are specialist in helping SAP Partners get more leads and sales from Inbound Marketing and Sales techniques, and we have put together a focused guide for SAP Partners to implement Inbound Marketing. 


Why We're Uniquely Qualified to Help SAP Partners

There are three primary reasons SAP Partners come to us to help them develop and implement Inbound Marketing and Sales programs that make a difference to their bottom line results:


  • Deep SAP background.  The founders have decades of hands-on SAP implementation experience.
  • Multiple SAP Partners have already enjoyed impressive results from Inbound Marketing and Sales programs we've designed and implemented for them.
  • We have deep insight into SAP's Go-to-Market strategy based on Industry Specific Solutions and their partner model.

How Does This Impact You - the SAP Partner?

We know exactly how to formulate your offer so that customers come to you because of SAP's unique value as a solution provider.  We also have been very successful in getting very large SAP Partners to reach out and partner up with smaller partners who often can fill out the white space.  This is a very tricky process, and takes years of experience operating within the top tiers of business to successfully pull off.  We do that.


Get the SAP Partner Inbound Marketing Methodology Guide

We've distilled our extensive experience down to a succinct guide specific for SAP partners, called the SAP Partner Inbound Marketing Methodology Guide.  Click the button to grab your copy.


Get the SAP Partner  Inbound Marketing  Methodology Guide



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