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Have you ever asked yourself "how can I check my website SEO score"? Or how can it help me improve my Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  Then you need to know your SEO score.

What is an SEO Score?

What is an SEO Score?

SEO Site Auditor

Your Website’s SEO score is a numerical rating that goes from 0 to 100 - it is your SEO grade.  Ultimately, it is not a key element in helping you get found, it is a key driver of higher conversions rates. Your Free Website Evaluation generates an SEO score using our FREE Website Auditor tool and is based on four broad performance areas that affect the crawl-ability and ranking of your website by the search engines:

  • Technical Aspects
    • Page Speed
    • Site Spped
  • Content – On-Page
    • Page Size
    • Image Optimization
    • Internal Links
    • External Links
  • User Experience
    • Core Web Vitals
    • Overall site Performance
  • Mobile Performance
    • Device Handlers
    • Responsive Mobile Device Design
    • Site audit is able to check your AMP pages, which are a great way to improve your mobile SEO.

      Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or AMP pages, use special AMP HTML code optimized for mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Android or iPad (there are different AMP versions generated for each device as well).

SEO Testing Tool

Our free all-in-one SEO audit tool is designed to provide an SEO evaluation online and you can, using the SEO Report output, methodically improve your SEO performance.  By addressing each issue identified in the free website grade report, with the provided 'Best in Class' SEO recommendations you will begin to see improved search traffic.  This tool is one of many used in our SEM Audit Services practice.

SEO Score Calculator

This free SEO Check Up tool is an onpage grader that provides an overall SEO score.  You can't fix everything all at once.  But if you concentrate on those areas that in the RED, you should see results very fast.

Google Search Console Provides Valuable Feedback

You can see how Google currently sees these elements of your website using Google Search Console.  That's what makes Google Search Console (Google GSC) one of the most valuable SEO tools in the modern SEO professional tool belt.  All website owners need to have this installed an integrated with their overall measurement strategy.  Using it, you can analyze website SEO free of charge.   Below is a screenshot from a client who has some issues which we are now fixing for them.  This all came from running the Website Audit tool.

Google Search Console Core Web Vitals

There’s No Perfect Score

While it is technically possible for experienced professional SEO consultants to achieve a score of 100 on your Website’s SEO Score, the truth is, you probably will never achieve it.  But if you have the right SEO Toolbox, i.e., this SEO Analyzer, you will have a huge headstart on your competition.  This free online seo site audit tool helps you perform a fast, FREE SEO Analysis and provides you a SEO checkup score.  

Roadmap to Better SERP Results

However, the free search engine optimization audit SEO Score you get from our free Website Grader seo tool provides valuable insight into areas you should prioritize to improve your own SEO score, improve your content optimization score, and ultimately, improve your SEO ROI.  Use it to check the SEO Status of your website at any time.  This website SEO Score Checker runs a SEO Checker Test in under a minute and provides a SEO status report that could cost you thousands of dollars to have someone do for you - all for FREE.

Check Your SEO Score Often 

By continuously following SEO Best Practices to optimize each of your web pages, you will start to see results.  By periodically rerunning your site through our free SEO audit tool on a regular basis, you can steadily see your progress.  One of the best reasons for rerunning your website through this tool is because the seo score algorithm gets updated constantly to reflect the latest Google developer guidance.  So go ahead and run your seo test using our free seo site checker.

Google Dynamically Decides Who Ranks For What When

Your Website’s SEO Score doesn’t directly affect how Google’s algorithm ranks or indexes your site, however, the higher your SEO score, the more likely you are to achieve higher SERP Rankings.  Your score affects how other platforms regard your website as well, which brings us to Facebook (and other social media platforms).

SEO Issues - Google Keeps Track

Just as the Website Grader provides you with SEO scores on an individual item level, so too does Google's bot, affectionately known as Googlebot, which is Google's website crawler.  That means if our SEO Audit tool finds it, you can safely assume that Googlebot has found it and has a record of how you did the last time it crawled your site. 

SEO Score Tracking by Google

The Googlebot SEO Score Checker is a website SEO checker that keeps track of this so that it can figure out whether your site is worth sending traffic to.  If it finds that your web page scores low on metrics like LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) or Page Speed (a definite ranking factor), it may regard your site as having lower overall domain authority and send fewer clicks that way.  It also checks on broken backlinks, and I recommend you check yours as well.  If you run Hubspot, this is a breeze to do.

Google Search Console Click Performance

Bounce Rate-Houston, We Have a Problem

One of the leading indicators that your website provides a poor web experience is a high bounce rate.  A high bounce rate is trying to tell you that is a misalignment between user intent and what your page actually says or offers.  

While many SEO factors go into getting any given web page to rank high, such as your backlink profile and page authority, if people are hitting your page, then bouncing at high rates, it's time to take another look at your SEO data.  

High Impressions with Low Page Visit Rate - Another SEO Red Flag

If you take a look at Google Search Console and notice that you have a term that generate a large number of impressions, but no clicks (meaning no one visited your site and a specific page directly from that particular search result), then you have another indicator there is something wrong with your page's SEO.  

Do You Run Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

Run Our Free SEO Checker Tool To Get Better Results

Did you know that your SERP results or (Search Engine Results Pages) can be improved by having your website optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.   You can achieve a lower overall cost per acquisition from your Facebook advertising spend if you find and correct many of the common technical SEO issues we find everyday on every website.  These issues, when fixed, can drastically improve the user experience of your site.

Value of an SEO Scorecard

The biggest value you'll get from running the SEO Site Audit is that you will now have a set of clearly identified problems that you can work on to improve your SEO.  For your mobile users, you will know how each AMP page is performing (assuming you have implemented AMP and have AMP running).  If you don't have AMP running, it's probably time to kick-off an AMP project.  SEM Auditing Companies can typically help with AMP HTML page development, while those who have an advanced CMS, such as Hubspot, can simply enable it which means AMP implementation is potentially a small undertaking.  The Hubspot CMS create AMP pages on the fly, once this is enabled. 

Perform a Data Driven Website Analysis

When you are trying to beat your competition using Search Engine Marketing or SEM, you want to be concentrating on the message your prospects see, not on whether you have the right number and type of H1 tags on your site.  That's why a SEM Audit should start with a quick scan using our on page SEO grader of your website so you can find and fix, then rerun the SEO Grader audit tool to verify you have fixed the problems this tool identifies.  You can audit SEO gratis, and it takes only a few seconds.  As a website is a dynamic entity, you should check SEO Website Error messages in your log file frequently.


Do You Run Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising as Well?


Most all businesses are already running Google Analytics on their site, and a great many of them are also spending money on both Google Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising and Product Listing Ads - especially if they are in the e-commerce field.  As with Facebook advertising, having technical SEO issues can affect your cost per click. 

Google Quality Affects What You Pay for Clicks

Specifically, Google awards a Google defined quality score for every page on your website where you're sending traffic.  It also grades your overall website (meaning it grades all your website pages) from a technical SEO perspective.  That's why you need to use a SEO tool like our Website Marketing Grader to evaluate your website periodically.  It is nearly impossible to find all the potential errors that need to be fixed manually.  It is always cheaper to use automation to help build your improvement roadmap, though deep technical expertise is still required to fix the identified Issues.