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I've Successfully Managed Over $4,000,000 in Google Ad-Spend - in just the past 2 years!

Google PPC Ad-Spend Management

I know that the secret to success when it comes to Google PPC Advertising involves far more than just writing an ad.  It means having a working Sales Funnel, a clear set of goals, and the right analytics set up an running. 

With my Google PPC Consulting, I offer:

  • Advanced Strategy
  • Keyword Identification Using Google Keyword Planner
  • Ad Setup
  • ROI Measurement Using Google Analytics
  • Advanced Google Tagging Using Google Tag Manager or GTM
  • Advanced Market Segmentation Tactics
  • Continuous Improvement

I've actually been running Google Ads on behalf of my clients for almost 10 years.  I've ran major Google PPC campaigns for Insurance Companies, Celebrities, and Professional Services firms, to name but a few.  I've also ran major campaigns for ecommerce stores and Amazon.   Just complete the form to get started.