Mobile Apps

Research shows more than 5 billion people have mobile phones (fewer than 2 billion have credit cards) worldwide. Native mobile phone applications are transforming the way businesses acquire new customers, service their clients and manage their operations. The new generation of iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 mobile devices offer an unmatched level of flexibility and ease-of-use. Irrespective of the size of your company or which industry you operate in, you can enhance your market presence and grow your top line with a custom developed mobile app from SAP BW Consulting, Inc.

Tell us which platform are you thinking about. If you are not sure, select Android and we will help you determine the Mobile Application Platform that is right for your business. Normally, the iPhone is more consumer centric, the Android phones are offered on more Open OS platforms, and the Windows Phone 7 platform is targeted to the Office user.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Mobile App DevelopmentWith the launch of the Windows Phone 7 and the new Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has stepped up their product offering to compete with Android and Apple's iPhone platforms. A recent agreement from Nokia to use Windows for its mobile phones will only expand the Windows market share. Unlike the Android and iPhone, Windows naturally supports Microsoft's office products making it the natural choice for those who must have Microsoft's Office on-the-go. Our engineers can put your ideas into action, mapping out the various functionalities and intended usage scenarios resulting in a well thought out Windows Mobile application that's right for you. After you are satisfied with the Windows app, we will help you through submitting your new app to the Windows Mobile Marketplace.