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Our Remote SAP Functional Consulting calculator is designed to show you how much you can save with our unique, subscription based model.  

Why Remote SAP Functional Consulting?



When On-Demand SAP Remote Functional Consulting Works Best

Whether you are addressing a SAP production issue your internal staff cannot resolve, evaluating/planning an upgrade or need some specialized SAP expertise in a specific functional area, having access to a seasoned SAP Consultant can insure maximum ROI from your IT spend with no contractual commitments. Finding this type of assistance from other companies can be a tough mission because most SAP consulting firms are not equipped to offer these short-term services given the lack of revenue potential or you may be unable to get a timely response. We provide on-demand remote SAP consulting services to our clients that want a relationship with a SAP Partner for spot consulting and who also need access to SAP expertise on an ad-hoc basis. 

Our value case is straight forward.  As one of the best SAP consulting companies, we can deliver remote Senior SAP Platinum Consulting (K6-K9) skills, in your timezone, at rates far below what your In-House Full-Time Staff Fully Loaded Cost Rates are.


How Do We Do That?


We have engineered SAP technical support infrastructure to work remotely with the unique requirements of our SAP customers in mind.  Demand for SAP Consultants is currently extremely high.  Our On-Demand SAP Functional Consultants, working remotely from our Miami, FL offices as well as other locations in this hemisphere, can deliver support to you on as needed basis. We have SAP HANA, ABAP development, Basis & Security services, and functional configuration skill sets, including SAP FICO, MM, SD, PP, EAM, BOBJ, BW.

This way, you don't 'buy hours' that you then don't use.

Support of SAP COE Models

We also can augment your SAP CoE (Center of Expertise) by providing additional expertise and capacity which you may not need full-time.  Our Cross-Industry expertise means we bring new eyes to old problems, while delivering superior SAP consulting services.

Ad-Hoc SAP Consulting

We also provide AD-HOC SAP Consulting.  For instance, if you're looking for one of the best SAP FICO consulting providers to help you comply with the new IFRS regulations, we have a team who can help. 




Roll-Over Subscription Model


Our unique delivery model is based on Professional SAP Functional Consulting combined with Consulting Subscription Model Delivery coupled with the now familiar Roll-Over Minutes model of the telecom and other industries.


It is Not Use It or Lose It

Simply put, by subscribing for a set amount of consulting hours every month, you have an OPEX bill not a CAPEX investment.  But if you happen to not consume the hours you have subscribed for in one month, they roll-over to the next month.  This results in smooth, steady SAP service availability even if your requirements are spikey.