How to Shape an IT Strategic Plan

Leading companies recognize that their IT systems are critical to achieving their strategic goals. 

Why 5 years?  Our experience shows that to truly build out a robust IT infrastructure, it typically takes 5 years.  Projects may run only for 6 months, but even the fastest growing SaaS companies take at least five years to ramp up, so a company in any other industry, such as maintenance, repair and overhaul, Finance, healthcare, or any other, especially if it has an established legacy environment, will require a solid IT strategy to achieve the following:

Strategic IT Roadmap

One of Our Strategic IT Roadmap Development Tools

  •        Have a ‘Core System(s)’ with 100% organizational confidence
  •        Templated and measurable business process
  •        Multi-phase rollout plan for all sites
  •        Budget aligned with business expectations

With these goals in mind, you can develop a 5 year strategic that will provide management with a global view of all operations from a single top level view.

The competitive advantages are enormous at this point.

Develop a 5 Year IT Roadmap


Important IT Strategic Plan Topics, Experience and Insights To Consider: