How to Shape an IT Strategic Plan

Leading companies recognize that their IT systems are critical to achieving their strategic goals

Why 5 Years?

Our Role as Strategic Planning Partners

Our experience as strategic planning partners to leading SAP and non-SAP customers shows that to truly build out a robust IT infrastructure, it typically takes 5 years.  Projects may run only for 6 months, but even the fastest growing SaaS companies take at least five years to ramp up, so a company in any other industry, such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), Finance, Healthcare, or any other, especially if it has an established legacy environment, will require a solid IT strategy to achieve the following:

Strategic IT Roadmap

One of Our Strategic IT Roadmap Development Tools

  •        Have a ‘Core System(s)’ with 100% organizational confidence
  •        Templated and measurable business process
  •        Data Dictionary
  •        Multi-phase rollout plan for all sites
  •        Budget aligned with business expectations


With these goals in mind, you can develop a 5 year strategy that will provide management with a global view of all operations from a single top level view. The CIO's strategic business plan should always include a 5 year strategic IT plan.  Many IT plans involve SAP in strategic planning, as they provide the SAP SSM (SAP Strategy Management) Tool, of which we are practitioners.

The competitive advantages of having a 5 Year IT Roadmap are enormous.  It will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  If you want some help developing your own customized strategic plan, just click the button to get started.


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