We Deliver SAP BW and SAP Business Objects Consulting Services. We also serve you through our IT Services Staffing.

HOW TO WORK WITH US WHEN YOU ARE OUTSIDE AMERICA: If you are a subsidiary with a US Parent Office, since we are a USA based company, the easiest way for you to work with us is to go though your US parent location and to do the contracting through your US Corporate Parent Office.

How does this work: Let's say that you are located in India and you are working for an Indian based subsidiary of a major US company. The easiest way for you to work with us is to go through your US parent company, have them contact us, we work out the contract and payment terms with your US parent company and when we have everything worked out, we can then contact you in India either to support your remotely in India or as an onsite visit to India. All billing could then be done between us and your US parent company.

Contact us at: Info@SAPBWConsulting.com

Call: 1-256-665-7500
We are registered in the Federal Central Contractor Registry (CCR)