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SAP BW Consulting Inc. is more than just your typical SAP consulting firm. We are a team of established SAP experts, engineers and SAP industry principals with decades of real-world business experience.  We have joined forces to help companies and SAP consultants worldwide fulfill all of their SAP needs and requirements.

At SAP BW Consulting, we see ourselves as SAP thought leaders with services that include:

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In addition, we are a certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing services provider, and can further help you generate more leads and close more deals from your marketing efforts with Hubspot consulting services.

To learn more about us, you can download our SAP BW Consulting Inc. Company Synopsis to find out more about our dynamic firm.


Lonnie Ayers, MBA, PMP, BSC, President,

SAP BW Consulting, Inc.

Lonnie D. Ayers is a seasoned professional with over 45 years of experience in various industries, making him a true industry expert. With a diverse background in Military Logistics, Aerospace & Defense, Professional Services, Insurance, Health & Fitness, Travel & Transportation, and EC&O, Lonnie has honed his skills and knowledge to become a trusted leader in his field.


Throughout his career, Lonnie has held key positions in renowned companies such as the USAF, SAP, i2 Technologies, SAP BW Consulting, Inc., Airbus, Textron, Yes You Can! Diet Plan, and Fiorella Insurance. His extensive experience in these organizations has allowed him to gain valuable insights and expertise in leadership, management, sales, marketing, and the Theory of Constraints (TOC).


Lonnie's notable achievements speak volumes about his capabilities and accomplishments. He has played a pivotal role in generating over 1 million leads and counting, showcasing his exceptional marketing and sales acumen. Additionally, he has been instrumental in driving over 1 billion in software sales, demonstrating his ability to deliver tangible results.


Not content with just working for others, Lonnie has also ventured into entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched two companies, including Mapertunity, a groundbreaking venture that has revolutionized the way businesses and job seekers approach location-based candidate sourcing and job hunting.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Lonnie is a multifaceted individual with a range of personal interests. He is an accomplished author, having written several books on marketing and sales, which have garnered praise for their insightful perspectives. Additionally, Lonnie has a passion for soil health, recognizing the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture. His dedication to this cause showcases his commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.


When he's not immersed in his professional or personal pursuits, Lonnie enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures, and broadening his horizons. His love for travel allows him to gain inspiration from different places and experiences, which he often incorporates into his work.


With his wealth of experience, notable achievements, and diverse interests, Lonnie D. Ayers is a dynamic and influential figure in the business world. His leadership, expertise, and passion continue to drive him towards new heights, making him a sought-after professional in his field.


Senior SAP Certified Project Manager

SAP BW, SEM, APO, MM, SD, Logistics
English / Spanish
Global Roaming Mobile: 1-812-340-5581

SAP Certified Consultant


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Doug Ayers, PMP, MBA, Engineer

SAP BW Consulting, Inc.


SAP Native Hana, SAP BW on Hana, Data Services ETL, Business Objects BI, Webi & Dashboards, SAP Plant Maintenance, Data Conversion & Cleansing, Project Management, IT Audits, Software Engineering, Real Time Embedded Open-loop and Closed-loop Software Engineering, Javascript, Jquery, Certified Hubspot Marketer.

Douglas Ayers

SAP BW Consulting, Inc. a Veteran Owned Company

Senior SAP BW Consultant

Software Engineer



Skype ID: doug.ayers@sapbwconsulting.com


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Our Strategic Vision: 

We want to be your strategic SAP Service Partner and Tier-1 direct supplier. We also aim to be an approved vendor to the US Government.


The founders of SAP BW Consulting, inc. Lonnie Ayers and Doug Ayers, are two brothers from Brown County, Indiana who both have deep Industry expertise and many years of SAP consulting and implementation experience.  Our passion is business intelligence and we believe, as does SAP, that analytics embedded in every aspect of business, is the wave of the future of business software.  Our headquarters is located in Southern Indiana with global capabilities.


It is clear that anytime, anywhere, any device, is what will drive business forward.  That is a given.  However, at a much deeper level, our experience across more than 40 projects makes it clear that business intelligence, whether delivered via a purely SAP BW environment, or via the Business Objects suite of tools, or within a combined SAP BW/BOBJ environment, inevitably drives changes to the existing SAP system configuration.  Typically, our customers are surprised to learn they need to make 'adjustments' to their existing SAP system to support the analysis function and do not have the SAP skills in-house to make those changes. 


We can support both the analytical aspects of our customer's projects as well as the pure SAP ERP configuration aspects of  their projects which are 'revealed' by the analysis.  This may range from very simple changes, to extremely complex changes, for example, changes to your MRP strategies or revamping your costing approach.

Recognizing SAP's Industry Focus, we strive to bring 'big brains' to the table.  We strive to be industry thought leaders in:

  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Transportation Management,
  • Professional Services,
  • Logistics,
  • Automotive Systems,
  • Military Logistics,
  • Consumer Packaged Goods,
  • Wholesale Distribution,
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Postal systems. 


Our Value Proposition

For SAP Consultants:

We speak your language. We have worked on multiple, full-lifecycle implementations, spanning industries from Aerospace & Defense, Retail, Wholesale Food and Meat Distribution, CPG, Banking, Telecommunications, Automotive and Petrochemical. We know how to match consultants up with the best projects at optimal prices, and we know the devil is in the details. With us, you will get clear SOWs, clear performance objectives, and great projects.

Notice to SAP Consultants: We have SAP job opportunities.


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For SAP Clients:

Our focus is on bringing the highest quality resources to you, whether you need spot consulting or need to stand-up a whole team. With our deep hands-on experience in real SAP projects and our global network of SAP Certified Resources, we know what you need, we know the questions to ask when screening potential consultants before you make that decision to hire, and we know how to back them up. We believe this helps you ensure that your project gets done on time, on budget and on scope.


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Email: Lonnie.Ayers@sapbwconsulting.com

Experts in:

  • S4 Hana
  • Native Hana
  • Data Services
  • Direct Extract Connect / DXC
  • Business Objects BI
  • SAP BI on Hana

1614 West Ave Suite 504, Miami Florida 33139 USA


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