Understand the 1099, C2C, W2 Employment Models?

How to Work With Us

Whether you are new to the SAP Consulting world, or are an old hand, you will soon run across these 3 acronyms.  What do they mean?  What do they have to do with working with us?  In a word, they are the 3 primary ways you can work with us.

1099 = An independent contractor who works via us.  You pay your own taxes. The insurance requirements vary. We expect you to have your own Professional Indemnity insurance; however, our umbrella insurance also covers you.  This is our most typical model.

C2C Corporation-to-Corporation.  You have your own corporation (which can be of various forms) and the invoice to us comes from your Corporation. You will have to have your own Professional Indemnity insurance; however, our umbrella insurance also covers you.

W2 = You are working as an employee of our corporation and we withhold your taxes, i.e., Social Security, Federal, etc.  You do not invoice us, but do complete an online time and expense sheet we provide.  We carry all required insurance.

Working with SAP BW Consulting [Consultation]

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On your way to Becoming an SAP Consultant

Congratulations!  You are two steps away from working in the challenging world of SAP, one of the world's leading business software solutions. What types of positions are typically hiring for?  SAP BI Consulting is at the top of that list. 

We are also looking for:

Other Non-SAP Roles We Have On-Going Needs for:

  • Full Stack Developers
  • Java Technical Architects
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Angular.js
  • Python
  • Php
  • PL/SQL
  • C++
  • UI/UX Experts

Big Data

  • Hadoop
  • Mongo


More than 60% of the world's economy touches a SAP transaction-daily!  It takes very talented SAP Consulting resources to make it happen.  After you submit your resume, we'll send your Best Selling Guide to becoming an SAP Top Gun Consultant.  Or you can grab a copy by pressing the button.



Why You Need Functional SAP Consultants on a SAP BW Project