Get Time Sheet Management Help with Your 1099 Contractor Management of Invoices and Collections 

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Get the 1099 Timesheet Management Monkey Off Your Back

Time Sheet Management for Business 1099 Contractors. Use our online Time & Expense, Auto Invoice, Direct Deposit service for 1099, C2C contractors.

Don't Fall Hopelessly Behind with Invoices & Collections

Falling behind on Invoicing your customer means delays and extra time in getting your payments. In today's complex work environment, working as a job hopping sub-contract employee (or 1099 employee) is a fact of life.

Becoming an Independent Contractor

You may be a full time perm employee today; while tomorrow you're laid off looking for any work you can get as an self employed independent contractor.  You can be working within a mega-size corporation as a small business service provider.  Or you may be bringing other service providers into your project to do some of the fulfillment.  In short, there are number of different employer employee arrangements you may encounter, and each requires a solid management approach to stay in contract compliance.

Welcome to the World of Contractor Management

This is how many people get into the management consulting world and get their start.  It means you are now effectively your own human resources department and an important part of your job is compliance risk.  It also means you need a workforce management solution that allows you to manage independent contractors.  

You Must Ensure Compliance with Company Policies

Unfortunately, when trying to get paid, aside from trying to determine what your consulting rate must be, there are a number of time consuming administrative (such as tracking how many hours you worked as well as your fellow team members), legal and insurance requirements that make it very expensive for you to easily set yourself up for your monthly invoicing. When you are trying to get out of the office early on Friday afternoons, achieving contract compliance with timely and accurate billing is something you need more of and we can help you get that little task done quickly and easily.

Project Management Relies on Fast, Accurate Time Sheet Submittals

Save Time Managing Independent Contractors

Project managers have a lot on their plate, especially when it comes to effective time management and independent contractors.  They are managing tasks and people, both internally and external using the resource scheduling capabilities of their project management tools. 

They Set Expectations for Staying Within Budgets

They are also required to keep track of project expenses so they can stay within project budgets and achieve cost savings wherever possible.  One major expense is independent contractors, contingent workers, on-demand talent and consultants.  Project Management software often provides direct integration with 3rd party timesheet software.  An excel spreadsheet just doesn't cut it.  A mobile web app is often the way these time sheets are entered and fed back to the project management software.  This provides real time, time tracking capabilities, which makes time tracking a breeze.

Federal Government Projects Require Audit Trails

Actually, almost every project requires you (as do federal regulations) to be able to provide an accurate audit trail of each team member and their billable hours and expenses.  That means you have to be able to produce a record of the planned work hours, the actual hours worked, overtime hours, non-billable hours, sick leave taken, and associated deliverables.  This is also part of determining employee productivity and as well, improving it in the future.

Expense Tracking is also a key Resource Management Requirement

Every project manager, as part of his resource management responsibilities, needs to keep track of billable hours.  That's why our timesheet app also provides a way for you track expenses and submit receipts, on your weekly timesheets.

We've got it already set up and we are offering to let you piggy back on our systems.

Timesheet Management Solution

Our online time tracking software coupled with deep project management experience, provides electronic timesheets that provide a better way to keep track of time worked.  It comes as both a desktop app and mobile app.  We also can provide employee payroll services as part of our solution.

Our online Time Card, Expense Report, Invoicing and Direct Deposit Payment Processing Plans, Allow Our 1099 & Freelance Customers to Invoice their customers Faster and Get their Payments Sooner.

How Our 1099 Service works

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By using our game changer 1099 contractor management services you get:

  • Professional Liability and Indemnity Insurance Coverage under our umbrella policy.
  • The ability to submit your time and expense sheets both to your customer (greatly improving project status reporting as a side effect) and to your employer using our online time and attendance system with workflow approval capability.
  • The ability to tie your task completion notifications back to the project plan and the project budget.  Your project manager will love you.
  • The ability to attach scanned or photo receipts to your online expense reports.
  • Direct deposit of your invoices to your bank
  • Easy setup process to make tracking time virtually effortless
  • Dramatically improved time management
  • Multi-project time tracking capability

We can also handle your C2C and W2 type employment needs.  Just complete the form on the right to start the enrollment process.  You should be focused on delivering the best service to your clients, not on doing paperwork.