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We Have an Engineered Approach to IT Staffing and SAP Augmentation Services

In addition to SAP Project management turnkey solutions, we help Corporations, Government Agencies and other Staffing Agencies Find Talent.

Here's what we can do for you:

If you want to manage and staff your own project we can help you locate and evaluate qualified candidates for:

  • Permanent Staff placements
  • Direct Hire Staff placements
  • Local Candidates
  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing placements

How Is IT Consulting Distinct From SAP BW Consulting?

If you want someone else to manage and staff your project we can manage the whole project from end-to-end as a turnkey solution provider. We can also help you recruit candidates (talent) and find candidates, profiles and resumes for:

  • Temp Staff
  • Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Freelancers
  • Road Warriors
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Corp-to-Corp arrangements

Outsourcing your talent recruitment with SAP BW Consulting is good business.

Organizations need to consider the various factors of operations, finance, business and HR when making hiring decisions. Recruitment processes require different levels of expertise, a multi-disciplinary approach and a high level of focus and client dedication on each specific process.

An Outsourcing Solution with a Customized Recruitment Process

We recognize the level of expertise and process management necessary in a rapidly changing economy. Our Customized Recruitment Process philosophy incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process. Our recruitment method conforms to the specific requirements that individual firms have and is customized and focused on solving your specific SAP resource problems.

One technique we follow, based on sound project management principles to manage and deliver solutions customized towards individual clients, is to use a diagnostic led approach. The four main steps in that process are Requirements, Evaluate, Structure and Implement.

Staffing Services

We recognize the utmost importance of the due diligence our staffing team invests into screening each candidate profile because we understand the time spent by hiring managers is at a premium. Our collaborative, hands-on approach to your needs is what separates us from other staffing solutions companies. We want you to see us as a partner you can trust and rely on with your most precious asset - your people.

Whether you are in need of Application Development and Management, Enterprise Application Services, Data Warehousing including Developers, Admins and Testers, such as Manual, Automation, Regression, Load, Leads and Project Managers, we are here to help you.

Executive Search, The Right Talent at the Right Time

The Executive search requires us to concentrate on recruiting professionals across a broad spectrum of industries to find the right person for you. Through our proven processes and comprehensive analysis we are able to conduct what we consider a superior executive search for you, our demanding customer. We deliver top-tier and top-echelon talent that helps our clients achieve and exceed their business staffing goals.

Our own proprietary database of candidates as well as our business intelligence gathering and talent tracking systems are some of the tools we use that enables us to attract a larger percentage pool of potential candidates. As a result, we are able to provide a talent pipeline that provides on-time, on-demand results to our clients with reasonable cost-efficiency.

Staffing as a Project

Like any undertaking, we realize staffing is another form of a project. As a project, part of our methodology includes the following:

  • Requirements
  • Research
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Well-Documented Process
  • Strict Timelines
  • Robust Reporting
  • Service Feedback


We deliver high quality SAP solutions using high quality SAP certified consulting resources.


SAP Certified Consulting Resources

Our senior leadership team has developed a network of SAP certified consultants who help you realize the expected benefits from your SAP implementation.  This network, numbering the thousands, has been carefully nurtured to provide SAP consulting resources as and when needed.  


What is SAP BW Consulting, Inc.?


IT Consulting: Whether you are considering purchasing SAP for the first time; are in the middle of an SAP implementation; are live with an SAP BW back-end with a Business Objects front-end; or are looking to optimize your SAP Business Warehouse system for better performance, we have the practical experience to help you out.

IT Staffing Services: In addition to SAP Project Consulting, we help Corporations, Government Agencies and other Staffing Agencies Find Talent.

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