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What Does a SAP Consultant Do?

When Do You Need a SAP Functional Consultant?

Whether you are just starting out on your SAP journey or are live and need to expand your SAP Solution footprint, you may find you need SAP consulting in one or more of the core SAP modules.

SAP Staff Augmentation

That's why you may need staff augmentation or the use of an outsourced team from one of the best sap consulting companies in the USA.


SAP Consulting Services

This is especially prevalent when you're implementing or upgrading your SAP BW system.  Unfortunately, the best SAP consultant is usually a highly qualified SAP freelance consultant, holds one or more SAP Certifications, such as SAP BPC or SAP SEM (SAP Strategic Enterprise Management, which was replaced by SAP BPC), has deep industry expertise, in or more industry verticals, and is in short supply! 

An SAP Functional Consultant in certain areas, like SAP TM (Transportation Management), is very difficult to find.  A SAP Project Manager  is an even rarer breed.  That is why a high SAP Consulting Salary is not unusual.


  • If you are like many SAP customers, you may not even know all of the available SAP modules.

  • We highly recommend you download our SAP R/3 Mindmap, which explains all of the SAP Modules available.

  • We have also included all of the SAP BusinessObjects modules as well.

  • All SAP Industry Solutions are also available here as well.


High Quality SAP Consulting Resources Are Key To Your Project Success


In our never ending quest to be considered one the best sap implementation companies we have developed a network of over 11,500 SAP certified consultants to call upon.  You need the A-Team of the best ERP consultants!  No matter the specific skillset required, we probably have it available in our network.

Continuous Improvement

Each SAP ERP Consultant has been vetted by us and they have provided constant feedback for us to improve our SAP services offering, which includes extensive 'real world' SAP consultant skill development in or more SAP Solutions.  That feedback, coupled with our own hands-on implementation service, is what allowed us to develop an Industry Unique Delivery Methodology that helps assure your success.

On-Shore SAP Consulting Support at Off-Shore Rates

Our On-Shore SAP Consulting support delivery capability is staffed with Senior SAP Consultants who are equipped with advanced support delivery tools.  This allows our clients to 'subscribe' to our SAP support service.  

Combined with the unique 'roll over' minutes model, it means we can deliver just the SAP consulting support you need and if you don't need all the hours you contract for during a given period, they simply roll over for use at a later time.  We believe this is the best SAP industry solutions consulting model available in the marketplace today.


Extensive SAP Partner Network of Niche Skills

In order to ensure our customers have access to the widest possible array of specialist SAP Consulting skills, such as SAP DFPS, we have developed extensive partner relationships with a large number of both SAP and non-SAP partners.  Our ability to combine SAP with Salesforce for example, allows us to bring high performance CRM capabilities to you at minimum cost.  We have an extensive Salesforce delivery capability, including Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Certified Project Managers.

We have partnerships with Hubspot, SnapApp, iLean, and many others which allow us to knit together unique solutions specifically optimized for your industry and business requirements.


Industry Specific SAP Consulting Focus

Though the concept of ERP is widely applicable to most industries, each industry typically has specific requirements.  That is why SAP has developed Industry Specific Solutions.  

30+ Industry Specific Solutions

They have over 30 Industry Specific solutions and in order to implement them, you typically need SAP Consultants who have been trained on the SAP Industry Specific Solution.  For instance, SAP IS-Retail has a month long Academy and is only run occasionally.  With more than 12,000 SAP retail Customers, this means it is often difficult to find SAP Retail Consulting expertise.  

There are many industries and solutions within the SAP Industry Specific Solution Portfolio that are even more difficult to recruit for.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Capability

One such industry, which is the most difficult of all to recruit for and is the core industry solution of the company founder, is MRO or Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.  

This is because it requires actual hands-on experience repairing airplanes, typically in the military and then experience gained working on SAP Airline MRO projects or in some cases, MRO repair facilities.  Within the MRO space, there are even rarer specialties, such as SAP Warranty Management, which has only a few practitioners.  Though technically a part of the EAM or Enterprise Asset Management solution, it is of such complexity and importance to companies that SAP Warranty Specialist are considered unicorns.  

Some of our other industry focus areas include the complex world of FDA CFR 21 Part 11 Regulation compliance, which is especially critical to medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

In order to provide this expertise to our clients, we have worked on these types of projects and developed specific, unique expertise.

Other practice areas where we have particular expertise and a 'network' include Postal, Logistics, Travel & Transportation, Railroad, Shipping and Professional Services.  

In addition, we have deep expertise with e-commerce and the fashion industry.   

Please keep in mind there is usually some lead time required to align these specialized consultants with your project timeline, so a fixed price project is at best, infeasible and at worst, unstaffable.  However, our deep bench exist for these types of roles.

SAP S/4 HANA Consulting Services Specialist

Our SAP S/4 HANA business transformation team is ready to help you transform your entire IT landscape into a high performance digitally transformed, empowered, high-performance business performance engine.  Our clients have achieved business outcomes that are astonishing.

Custom Software Development Capability

We also offer a productized approach to offshore software development.  Our software development teams offer advanced software development capabilities across the full-spectrum of SAP technologies.  

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Our process consist of first uncovering your true SAP Consulting needs and then understanding your business case and business strategy and then matching up the right skillsets with your requirements