Use Our xCelsius Dashboard Project Management Approach



Dashboards are a key CEO priority area as they provide business insight across a business instantly.  By integrating Business Strategy with datawarehouse driven, real-time information , new levels of business performance can be achieved.  Many CEO's are now able to drill down into their organization across any performance dimension.  However, with great power, comes great responsibility!

Our unique experience with real-time dashboards, coupled with a common sense approach to project management, will allow you to ask the right questions while making sure the right people are fixing the issues. For instance, though you may want to know why your forecasted inventory is flashing red on the dashboard, you really don't want to adjust the MRP Strategy unless you are an expert in that area. Or perhaps you are a banker and want to explore various mortgage scenarios.  A dashboard like the one pictured below is easily built but the business process required to make it useful requires a solid Project Management Approach.

Banking and Real Estate Dashboard


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