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Every client is different, that's why we start every engagement with a focus on Strategy.  We say Strategy before Tactics.  As Balanced Scorecard practitioners, we help you set quantifiable goals and help you achieve them. 

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Business is complex, our magic sauce is translating your strategy into executable tactics.  Many consultancies focus on just one dimension of your business.  We find it requires the ability to focus on the complete customer journey, from their first touch to their last day as a subscriber.  


Systems Approach To Success

Every successful business is a system of systems.  We help you make the digital transformation backed by analytics.  From Marketing to Sales to Logistics to Human Resources, we design, develop and implement high performance systems.

Decades of SAP BW Consulting Experience
SAP Analytics That Drive Results

SAP ERP, coupled with its data warehouse, is an incredibly powerful tool.  With the right approach to Analytics using SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (SAP's Business Warehouse known simply as SAP BW) and other related tools and SAP consulting expertise, it can be your secret to success.  Get SAP Business Warehouse Consulting and Implementation Support to unlock your business' true potential.

5 Surprising Reasons Enterprises Don’t Use An ERP

SAP BW Consulting
Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Get Customers To Come To You

We are experts at Inbound Marketing using Hubspot.  We've helped our clients generate millions of leads and hundreds of thousands of customers.  We make it look simple.  All of our customers start by completing the SAP BW Consulting, Inc. Inbound Marketing Assessment, which is entirely online and Free tool.

Inbound Sales
Boost Sales and Profits the Inbound Way

If Inbound Leads are the lifeblood of your organization, Inbound Sales are the heartbeat.  We help companies build high-performance sales teams using Hubspot CRM, Salesforce and SAP as part of their digital transformation implementation. 

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Lonnie D. Ayers Digital Marketing and Sales Expert
Build Your Business
How To Dominate Any Market - Turbocharging Your Digital Marketing and Sales Results

In today's hyper-competitive market, you must master many skills and tools to dominate your market.  There are no magic bullets, but there are nine specific problems you must address if you want to win.  After building my own high-performance digital business using SAP BW and Hubspot and helping many others to build theirs, I decided to write the ultimate 'How to' book on digital marketing and sales.  Grab your copy today.

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Working with Lonnie Ayers of SAP BW Consulting, Inc. has helped me grow my SAP practice to multi 8 figure SAP consulting engagements.  I've also become an official SAP Partner and refined and perfected my Sales approach.

Elizabeth Sanjenis

Elizabeth Sanjenis, Sr. IT Global Sales and Marketing Business Analyst, Johnson Controls

Working with Lonnie was a wonderful surprise in my career. Not only is he a passionate Marketing professional, but a great team member and employee with more than a "can-do" attitude, but rather a "we will" conviction. With his help and strategic expertise in SEO and Inbound Marketing, we were able to improve our website's lifetime visits count from 2.37 million in two years, to 1 million visitors per month. He also helped boost our shopping cart conversion rate from 7 to 13 percent, and implemented YouTube best practices that helped raise our subscriber count from about 1k to 21k, among other multiple contributions, which helped our company reach unprecedented increases in revenue. He is a very powerful addition to any strategic digital marketing team and I sincerely look forward to the opportunity of working with him in the future again.

Simone Bellanova

General Manager WW Strategic Sales Dynamics365 at MicrosoftRome Area, Italy

Working with Lonnie represented for me an extraordinary chance to increase my knowledge into the Airline MRO Operation. Lonnie is great to understand industry trends and issue issues and match those with customer request and advising the customer on who SAP solution provide support. Lonnie is a very proactive professional with an entrepreneur mindset.


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Use Our SAP BW Project Estimator

Estimating a SAP BW project can be very difficult.  Using our internal expertise, we developed a simple, free online SAP BW Project Estimator Tool you can use to create an estimate in about a minute.

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