Measurement Driven Digital Transformation

SAP BW Consulting Service Offering

Business Analytics Solutions That Drive Improved Performance

Running On Excel

  • KPIs Not Fully Defined
  • 100s of Spreadsheets
  • No Central Repository of the Truth
  • KPIs not owned by any one person or role
  • No KPI Hierarchy
  • Information is siloed by definition
  • Business Intelligence is not available
  • Not sure what to measure
  • Executives flying blind
KPIs Not Fully Defined

What Happened

  • Focused on the Past
  • Have KPIs Fully Defined
  • Have Metrics Fully Defined
  • Owners of All Metrics Identified by Role
Rear Facing KPIs

What is Happening

  • All of Stage One
  • Dashboards Available for all Processes
  • Alerts pushed to the top proactively
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
Real Time Performance Monitoring

What Might Happen

  • All of Stage Two
  • Predictive Models Running Across Key Processes
  • Constant Hypothesis Testing Using Data Science
  • Executive Conduct Meetings using Dashboards
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AI/ML employed extensively
Predictive Analytics Part of the Operation

Making it Happen

Proactive Management Driven by Insight

Select the Area Where You Need Help

BI Data Storytelling is at the Core of Our Business Intelligence Practice

We use SAP's Business Warehouse (a data warehouse) to help uncover the real story of your business using your data.  No matter where you're at now within the framework we've laid out above, our BI Data Storytelling methodology, based on real-world SAP Business Intelligence Consulting experience coupled with a unique ability to synthesize the information generated from your data streams into useful insights will help you improve performance management of your people and your business and all of its assets.

SAP BW Consultant - The Key to Data Warehouse Success

SAP BW Consulting is our speciality.  We've been designing, developing and implementing high-performance Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems since 1999.  Always striving to be the best SAP BI consulting providers means becoming a SAP BW Consultancy driven by results.  Within any business that runs on SAP HANA, the SAP Business Warehouse will come to provide the foundation for being a digital first enterprise.

Customer Centricity Driven by Knowledge and Insight

Our clients often ask us how they can become a customer first organization.  That's where a data warehouse, like SAP Business Warehouse, running on SAP HANA, provides a critical capability.  Today's customers expect instant gratification.  They want real time updates of where their order is, no matter where it is at in the supply chain.  

CRM Consulting

The best SAP CRM consulting providers understand that the power of Customer Relationship Management infused with 'real-time' data driven by the SAP Business Warehouse system provides an unbeatable competitive edge in the market.

SAP BW, coupled with various other SAP solutions, such as SAP CRM, SAP HCM, SAP SCM and many others, provides the ability to 'listen' to your customers using NPS (Net Promoter Scores), and to predict how offers will affect sales.  All in real time.  This is just one small use case of the advanced predictive analytics capabilities we can insert into your customer driven demand signalling system.

SAP BW is Just a Tool

Though we rely on SAP BW and a variety of other tools, our customers hire us because we speak business, specifically, the language of their business.  What we deliver is actionable insight, based on deep knowledge about both how our tools work and how they can be used within your particular business environment to deliver business value.  Our SAP BW Implementation Methodology is battle tested, and continuously improved.  

Reporting Strategy Driven by Business Strategy

Our premiere service offering is the development of a complete reporting strategy.  There is no shortage of data flowing through every enterprise.  What's needed is an engineered design approach to a set of Key Performance Indicators and related business metrics that drive desired behavior.  Our most successful clients have a data driven culture.  That's why we not only concentrate on developing a comprehensive Top-to-Bottom Reporting Strategy fully aligned with your Business Strategy, we also focus intently on user adoption through advanced training and coaching on how to use the reporting system, as well providing an extensive change management service component.

SAP Consulting and Implementation Services

ERP Implementation and Optimization

Analytics Solutions, such as the SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse, won't improve processes by themselves.  That's why our expert SAP consulting team exists.  At each stage of your digital transformation journey, you will need the best SAP Consulting Team available to make those configuration changes that will drive ever higher performance improvement.  

Specialized Functional SAP Consulting Capability  

We can cover all SAP functional, technical development and industry specific consulting requirements. 

Available for:

  • SAP Business byDesign
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

As a SAP Consulting Company, we can provide both spot consulting and entire SAP greenfield implementation teams.

Salesforce Consulting Capability

Many of our clients also operate in mixed environments which often include Salesforce.  We have a Salesforce delivery capability that can help with the Salesforce-SAP integration tasks that frequently arise.  

SAP Advisory Services

While many clients already have an inhouse SAP CoE, they often require specialized consulting and SAP advisory services.  This can range from specialized advanced Solution Design to investment analysis of proposed solutions.  Please contact one of our Senior SAP Consulting service advisors to get further information.