How To Perform Business Reporting Requirements Analysis

Do you Know Which Reports Your Users Actually Need and Use? 

Have you done a thorough, structured, Reporting Requirements Analysis for your company?

Have you followed business reporting best practices?

Do You Have Unmet Business Analysis Reporting Requirements

Do you have an enterprise reporting strategy in place following management reporting best practices? Do you know the answer to the question "what is business reporting"? Do you have unmet requirements for reporting?  Do you have company reporting requirements that would be more effective if presented graphically? If you are trying to evolve to a complex dashboard environment like the one below, you need to complete the business reporting requirements exercise first!

Reporting Requirements Analysis Dashboard


  • Download our Enterprise KPI Sweep Reporting Best Practices white paper to learn how!
  • Learn what your users need, eliminate the cost of unnecessary reporting by knowing and eliminating unneeded KPIs by following this proven business reporting process.
  • Deliver reports in the right format, at the right time, to the right user following business reporting best practices!

Developing an interactive digital dashboard to support your management reporting processes is a critical success factor in any datawarehouse project.  Getting sufficient budget from your Executive Committee for your analytics project is easier when you are focused on specific corporate initiatives, such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or Supply Chain.  Once you have fully defined your management reporting requirements and architecture, then, and only then, should you evaluate software tools for providing your business intelligence capabilities.  

Let us show you how to define, prioritize and deliver the reports you need with a simple yet battle tested tool.