Need SAP Staff Augmentation services for Your SAP Project?

Need a Super SAP Specialist?

Do You Need Them For Short or Long Term?

Sometimes, you have a specialized requirement for a consultant, for a short period of time. This is when you need staff specialized in SAP staff augmentation solutions.  SAP resource augmentation requires a specialized staff augmentation approach to satisfy the needs of each staff augmentation project.

SAP Staff Augmentation Services

Whether it is an Industry Expert such as Defense Forces or a SAP solution specialist, for example, Hedge Management, our staff augmentation model can help.  

Staff Augmentation Consulting Services

If you're looking for specialized SAP augmentation services, it's important to understand that SAP is a vast system with many obscure specialities. It takes an experienced SAP expert to uncover a client's true SAP augmentation skills required. That's where staff augmentation solutions come in. Whether you need an industry expert, such as in defense, or a specialist in hedge management, our staff augmentation model can help. 

Not sure what you need or how to choose a consultant?  Considering project outsourcing?  We have prepared a guide to the various types of SAP Consultant characteristics you should look for when selecting SAP Consultants whether for in-house or outsourced teams. Developed by our team of expert SAP consultants, it provides each staff augmentation consultant team member of ours expert insight into identifying those SAP consultants who truly meet your unique SAP Consulting requirements.  You can download it by completing and submitting the form on the left.

Get SAP BW Production Support

SAP BW Systems are complex and need on-going Support.

Some of the issues requiring support include:

  • Your data model is flawed
  • Process Chains are not functioning
  • SAP ERP Configuration changes have been made affecting SAP BW
  • BEx Queries returning bad data
  • Business Objects Dashboards not updating
  • Got 1 or 2 new end-user reports you need created

Specialized SAP Staff Augmentation Company

These and many other issues that can be quickly resolved by our team of SAP BW experts.  How does our SAP S/4 HANA staff augmentation support offering work?  You call us only when your current production system goes down. Some other company may have built your system, but that is fine with us.

All we do is keep it running when you go down. 

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. When your SAP BW System goes down, you call us
  2. We support you on-site or remotely
  3. We provide you with a follow-up support plan

We can set up a Service Level Agreements (SLA) type support offering for you.


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