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I think your approach to the SAP BW consultancy market is very innovative and I have enjoyed reading your blog.  It would be a pleasure to work with a company such as yours. Warm Regards,

S. M.



Your site is nothing short of excellent. I've searched the web for SAP BW material and have never found anything close to the quality of what you and Lonnie have created. But what is more amazing is the fact that you make it available for free. You guys are the best! I'm so happy to have stumbled across your website.




Via Skype
[1:33:03 PM] B. T.: I think you should work through SAP BW Consulting, Inc.
[1:36:43 PM] B. T.: They are SAP consultants and managers themselves
[1:36:57 PM] B. T.: and understand SAP from the bottom up
[1:39:48 PM] B. T.: ---------  Other benefits I found:
[1:39:59 PM] B. T.: * Clear and straighforward contractor agreement
[1:40:06 PM] B. T.: * No long-term binding agreements
[1:40:13 PM] B. T.: * Freedom to select my work, etc.
[1:40:15 PM] B. T.: * Paid on time
[1:40:21 PM] B. T.: * Paid me in advance when I first started
[1:40:28 PM] B. T.: * Earned my trust over many years and projects
[1:40:54 PM] B. T.: * Provided career advice - trainings, certification, etc.
[1:41:09 PM] B. T.: * Provided SAP study material / Library
[1:41:29 PM] B. T.: * Provided in-house training and recommended external training
[1:41:40 PM] B. T.: * Mentoring of Junior consultants
[1:42:13 PM] B. T.: * Got my foot in the door on my first SAP project as a Junior consultant.
[1:42:27 PM] B. T.: * Helped me move from Junior to Senior level capability and experience in SAP
[1:45:06 PM] B. T.: * Provided software process training
B.T. - SAP BW/BOBJ Consultant

Thanks for working with us so far. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Best regards,


Adventier Group, Inc., an iSoftStone company (NYSE: ISS)




In any case, It was pleasure working with you,, Please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.
My phone number is below, also, if Mr. S. and I have the opportunity to win you back, we will do..

Take care man. I am not in the office for the next 2 weeks, I would assume

Take care and talk to you later.

M. S.
Program Manager
BT - Services Business Unit
LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt Certified




Hey Doug, do plan to come back to the US and bring the presents back

as a pleasure working with you. Will keep my eyes open if something comes up here. Thanks for all your help

S. K., PMP®
Manager - S&P, Quality and Ops BT
Product Group Business Transformation
Lenovo USA


S.B. , Head Value Engineering for Travel & Transportation,

 “Working with Lonnie represented for me an extraordinary chance to increase my knowledge into the Airline MRO Operation. Lonnie is great to understand industry trends and issue issues and match those with customer request and advising the customer on who SAP solution provide support. Lonnie is a very proactive professional with an entrepreneur mindset.”

March 4, 2010


From a Chief Strategy Officer

Rescuing a Broken Airline Project



From a member of our Group, SAP Certified Consultant

From our World Famous SAP Certified Consultant Group!


From a another satisfied military commander.

RSAF Letter of Appreciation


From a Recruiter

Recruiters Seek Out the Elite



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