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Whether you are a long-term SAP customer and have been live for 10 years or more or have only just started your SAP journey, the design of your SAP solution architecture will be crucial to achieving your system objectives.

Did you know SAP doesn't have a formal definition or training program for creating SAP Architects?  What is needed is someone who understands both your Industry Specific Solution Needs, SAP's Technical and Functional Capabilities and the current trends of the SAP and IT Industry Solutions. 

These skillsets come from both long years of experience, continuous study and exposure to the technology and curiosity.  Of course, skills with various SAP tools, such as the Solution Map Composer, SAP Solution Explorer, the Solution Manager, SAP TOGAF, and general Business Process Management (BPX) skills are necessary as well. 

SAP Solution Architecture Design

In short, to get the right SAP Solution Architecture, you need a team of both technical and functional people and a SAP Project Manager.  Your initial SAP System Solution Design will evolve as your requirements are uncovered and change.  That is why SAP includes a project review as part of its ASAP methodology and why you need to have us perform your project reviews.

Role of the SAP Solutions Architect Consultant

Your SAP Solution Architecture must be designed from the start of your SAP project to support your current known business needs as well as anticipated future business requirements.  SAP Enterprise Architects work to ensure that, using the right SAP provided tools, your system is sized correctly, and that you have the right SAP Software Licensed to meet your business process requirements.  There are often multiple 'architects' involved in a project, especially over longer periods of time as your system matures. Once you've got your initial SAP system live, and gather some performance information, typically using SAP Solution Manager and other tools, the SAP Solution Architect will help you lay out a continuous improvement plan.

Continuous Improvement Drives Change

Because business never sleeps, SAP never stops delivering new innovations into the marketplace.  As well, many customers work very closely with SAP to have solutions developed specifically to meet their unique requirements.  The outcome of this activity means your SAP Architecture must evolve.  Your SAP Solution Architect will help you plan that out.

SAP Solution Reviews are Key

The statistics are clear, the more often you have your SAP Solution Reviewed, the more likely you're are to succeed.  That's why the SAP ASAP Project Implementation Methodology includes both a Project Management and Solution Review, at every stage of your SAP Implementation.

To get your SAP ASAP Project Review started, just complete the form.  And remember, look for the SAP Certified Logo.


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