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SAP Consultant Profile Summary Listing


Consultant Profile - SAP Plant Maintenance Consultant

Download Sample - SAP Plant Maintenance Resume - Our experienced SAP Plant Maintenance Consulting Team members typically have over 10 years experience in SAP Plant Maintenance across various industrial sectors including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Military, Oil & Gas, Airline, Locomotive, Cargo Shipping and Utilities industries and are also typically Certified Project Managers (PMPs) able to lead any project when needed.

Our SAP Plant Maintenance Consulting Team Skills include the following

  • In-depth Plant Maintenance functional and configuration knowledge; Certified in PM and PS
  • PM components:
  •      Technical Objects
  •      Maintenance Orders & Notifications
  •      Preventive Maintenance Plans
  •      PM Information System
  • PS components:
  •      Project Structures
  •      WBS elements & Networks
  •      Project Planning & Budgeting
  •      Project Realization
  •      Reporting
  • Configuration and upload of PM/PS master data
  • Configuration of PM notification types, PM/PS order types, PM/PS Information System
  • Integration of PM/PS with FI/CO & MM & HR
  • Reporting - Standard reports and analyses, specifications and testing of developments and BI reports
  • Integrations with MM, SD, PP, FI/CO and DMS functional capabilities
  • Business analysis; Blueprint design; Unit and integration testing; Documentation; Training
  • Post-production support & enhancements


Consultant Profile - SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Consultant

Download Sample - SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Resume - Our experienced SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) Consulting Team Members typically have over 10 years of IT results oriented experience in financial, oil gas, telecommunications, human resources  & manufacturing industries in IT environment with a minimum of 2 to 5 years experience developing SAP BW BI solutions in either of the 3.x or 7.x environments as well as 4-6 years experience developing SAP Business Objects solutions in either the Enterprise XI 3.x environment or the 4.x environment.

Our SAP Business Warehouse (BW) Consulting Team Skills include the following

  • Standard Data Flows:
  •    Custom Extractors
  •    Generic Extractors
  •    Data sources
  •    Info sources
  •    Transfer Rules
  •    Data Transfer Processes (DTPs)    
  •    Update Rules
  •    Info packages
  •    Info package groups
  •    Info objects
  •    ODS
  •    DSO
  •    Info cubes
  •    Process Chains
  • Reporting Tools
  •    BEx Queries
  •    WEBI Reports and Dashboards
  •    xCelsius Dashboards
  •    Crystal Reports
  • BEX Queries
  •    Variables
  •    Calculated key figures
  •    Restricted Key Figures
  •    Infoset Queries
  •    Workbooks
  • BEx Analyzer
  • BEx Browser
  • Custom ABAP Coding
  •    ABAP executable programs tables, field
  •    Start & End routines.
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0 Universes
  • SAP Business Objects Webi reports
  • BICS Connections
  • Crystal Reports
  • Live Office
  • Conducted analysis to recommend SAP best practices
  • System Performance Tuning
  • Upgrades from SAP BW 3.5 environment to SAP BI 7.4 environment

Consultant Profile - SAP ABAP Programmer

SAPBWC-472021 - Experienced SAP ABAP Programmer with over 11 years of IT experience including 8 Years of experience in Design, Development, Implementation and Production Support for Business Applications in SAP Business Intelligence/Warehouse (BI 7.X/3.X) with SAP R/3 (4.X/ECC 6.0), HSE, xRPM and Business Objects 3.X/4.0

Consultant Profile - SAP BOBJ Consultant

SAPBWC-472020 - Resume - Over 11 years of IT experience 8 Years of experience in Design, Development, Implementation and Production Support for SAP BI / BW, SAP R/3,HSE, xRPM, Business Objects.

Consultant Profile - SAP BW / BOBJ Consultant

SAPBWC-472010 - SAP BW Consultant with Business Objects experience. Experience in Retail, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Government, Technology industries and the following cross functional modules SD, MM, FI-CO, SCM, CRM, BW, CO-PA, LO...Learn More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW / BOBJ Consultant, Embedded Engineer

SAPBWC-472009 - IDEAL JOB: SAP BW, Business Objects Webi Reports, xCelsius Dashboard Design & Development and/or Project Management, Travel during the week, home on weekends. I like problems that no one else has been able to solve and even though I can easily manage a project, I also like to do development to keep my skills sharp...Learn More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW, BOBJ Consultant SD, MM, FI-CO, SCM, CRM

SAPBWC-472008 - SAP BW / Business Objects (BOBJ) consultant, experienced in several industries including Retail, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Government, Technology in the areas of SD, MM, FI-CO, SCM, CRM, BW with more than 8 years experience ...Read More

Consultant Profile - Senior SAP Business Objects Data Services Expert and Change Management Guru

SAPBWC-472007 - High End SAP Business Objects Data Services Expert and Software Engineering Professional with 14 years of broad spectrum project management & development experience.

SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS), IDocs, LSMW, ETL specialist, database designer and implementer, SAP data mapping and data cleansing, Security Clearance and clearable....Learn More

Consultant Profile - Principal SAP BPC Consultant

SAPBWC-472006 - Eight years focused on delivering Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions with SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC)...Learn More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW Data Extraction ETL ABAP/4 Consultant

SAPBWC-472005 - SAP BW Data Extraction Consultant from IT Services industry familiar with Inventory Management Module...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW / BOBJ Consultant

SAPBWC-472004 - SAP Professional, SAP BW / Business Objects (BOBJ) expert, experienced in several industries, FDA CFR Title 21 Part 11 Compliance experience, with many years experience as a Senior Lead Software Engineer...Read More

Consultant Profile - Senior SAP Basis Consultant

SAPBWC-472003 - Senior SAP Basis consultant with several years experience installing, tuning and maintaining SAP systems with hands on functional expereince in Purchasing, HR...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BASIS, ABAP, Quality Assurance

SAPBWC-472002 - SAP Professional experienced in several industries including heavy industrial. Experienced SAP BASIS, SAP ABAP and SAP Quality Assurance including product...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP SD, MM, LE, WMS, Inventory Systems Expert

SAPBWC-472001 - Ambitious SAP Professional , ten years  work experience in SAP SD, MM, LE, Inventory Systems, WMS, Computer literate in MS Windows, Word, Excel, Power...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BI/BW, BO, BPS and ABAP/4 Consultant

SAPBWC-472030 - Senior SAP Consultant with 19 years of experience in BI/BW, BO, BPS and ABAP/4 projects worldwide...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BI/BO Consultant

SAPBWC-472031 -  SAP Consultant experienced in BI, BO, & BOBJ who has lead the design, build and application configurations in various projects around the globe...Read More

Consultant Profile - CIO IT Consultant and ERP Expert

SAPBWC - 472032 - Consultant highly experienced in ERP with extensive IT background and knowledge...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW/BI BOBJ Developer/Consultant

SAPBWC - 472033 - Highly skilled developer and consultant with over 16 years experience in financial, oil gas, telecommunications, human resources  & manufacturing industries in IT environment...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BI/BW, BO, BPC, HANA/BODS, ABAP Consultant

SAPBWC-472034 -  SAP Consultant with over 15 years of IT experience in various industries with expert knowledge in data warehousing methodologies, data modeling, star schema...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP IT Consultant and Project Manager

SAPBWC-472035 - Remarkably proficient SAP Consultant with longstanding career in technology, operations, management, organizational development...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW Certified Consultant

SAPBWC-472036 - SAP BW Certified Consultant with over 15 years experience in IT and SAP BI and BW including certifications in Microsoft design and implementation...Read More

Consultant Profile - Senior SAP BW/BI Consultant

SAPBWC - 472037 - Senior SAP BW/BI Consultant with over 10 years experience with technical developments, system testing, documentation...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BI Consultant

SAPBWC - 472038 - SAP BI Consultant with expertise in analysis design and development of data from Sales and Distribution, Purchasing, Inventory & Finance, Spend Performance Management 3.0, SRM and SAP HANA ...Read More

Consultant Profile - Network Operation Center Manager

SAPBWC - 472039 - Network Operation Center Manager with an MBA with over 10+ years of proven ability to manage multi-faceted implementation projects...Read More

Consultant Profile - SAP BW/BI Consultant

SAPBWC - 472040 - Highly skilled Consultant experienced in SAP BW/BI 7 implementation and development...Read More

LinkedIn summary examples for an SAP consultant with 15 years of experience

As an additional value added service, we are often asked as part of our SAP Career Coaching Service to help people rewrite their LinkedIN Summary.  Here are some examples you can use.

  1. Results-Driven SAP Consultant | 15+ Years of Expertise 🌐 Transforming businesses through SAP solutions | 🚀 Delivering value-driven ERP implementations | 🌟 Optimizing processes for global clients | 🔧 Streamlining operations | 💼 Seeking new challenges

  2. Seasoned SAP Professional | Proven Record of Success 🛠️ 15+ years of SAP consulting | 💡 Driving digital transformation | 💼 Leading cross-functional teams | 📈 Delivering cost-effective solutions | 🌎 Global experience | 📚 Continuous learning advocate

  3. SAP Expert | Driving Business Excellence for 15+ Years 📊 SAP solutions architect | 📆 15+ years of experience | 🌍 Global implementations | 🤝 Collaborating with Fortune 500 clients | 💡 Innovating for competitive advantage | 📈 Proven ROI

  4. Experienced SAP Consultant | Focused on Client Success 🏆 15+ years in SAP consulting | 📦 End-to-end project management | 🌐 International experience | 📉 Cost optimization | 💬 Excellent communication skills | 🧠 Continuous improvement enthusiast

  5. SAP Consultant | ERP Pioneer with 15+ Years Expertise 🌟 SAP evangelist | 🧩 Solving complex business puzzles | 🌐 Global project experience | 📈 Performance optimization | 📊 Proven cost savings | 🚀 Passion for SAP innovation

  6. SAP Professional | Driving Growth through 15+ Years of Experience 🚀 Achieving business excellence through SAP | 📅 15+ years of success | 💼 Leading cross-functional teams | 🤖 Embracing AI and automation | 🌏 International project delivery | 🌟 Client-focused results

  7. SAP Consultant | Guiding Digital Transformations for 15+ Years 📈 15+ years transforming businesses with SAP | 🔧 Streamlining operations | 💼 Leading large-scale projects | 💡 Innovative problem solver | 📚 Lifelong learner | 🌐 Passion for excellence


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