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Identifying Cause Of Data Load Error When Using a SAP BW DTP [Tutorial]

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SAP BW Data Transfer (DTP) Errors

Typically, when using a Data Transfer Process (DTP), your data will load successfully from the PSA into its data target (master data infoObject, DSO, InfoCube) without a problem. However, once in a while you will encounter an error (status light = red) due to bad data.


Learn how SAP BW DTP (Data Transfer Process) errors can be detected, corrected and then reloaded into the system using this simple proven procedure.

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 SAP DTP Error Message

 Typical Error Message


The Challenge With Deciphering Error Messages


The screenshot above shows an example log of a data issue. The error messages are typical of a data issue but tells us nothing about what the actual error is or which records or how many.


All we can guess is whether this is due to lowercase letters were not allowed, or other common errors.


In order to get the actual error message and the specific error records, we need to look at our error stack or error DTP. The default is to not have an error DTP. Here is one example of how to enable this feature for production support.  Follow along with our tutorial to quickly solve this issue.  It will greatly improve the ROI of your system.


Enabling Your DTP Error Stack


Step 1: Change the DTP settings. “Update Valid Records, No Reporting (request red). This will leave the request red but the correct records will be passed to the data target. The erroneous records will be placed in the ‘error stack’.



 This helps isolate the bad records


Step 2: Double check your DTP temporary storage settings.


Step 3: Execute your DTP so that the data with the errors is loaded again.

Step 4: In the DTP monitor, after the load has finished and failed click on “error stack”.




You should get the PSA package selection screen. Click OK.

 DTP Error Stack


The error records will appear in a table. Double click on the icon for the desired record under the “Status” column to pull up the error message.

 SAP BW DTP Error Stack


SAP BW REFX DTP Error Messages 


Double click on the ‘long description’ for full details; these will pop up in a new window such as below.

 SAP BW DTP Error Diagnosis Messages


A Typical Time Interval Error


In this particular case, we have an invalid time interval error. If you look closely at the date range given, you will see that the From Date is set to 0213/01/01 when it should be 2013/01/01. This indicates that the data was entered incorrectly in the source system, SAP ECC in this case.


We can see this date error in the first screen of the error stack:

 SAP BW DTP Error Diagnosis



To fix the issue., Go into the record editing mode and update the Valid From field.

 SAP BW DTP Single Record Change

Original Above

SAP BW DTP Single Record Change 

After Error Fixed-Above.


Now click ok and save.


The final step is to execute the error DTP and load the corrected records.

 SAP BW DTP Details


Make sure you clean up the request monitor so that the first DTP request doesn’t stay red. If not, the system will still report an error on the next nightly load. You can simply delete the requests from the monitor as this will not delete the entries in this case since it is a master data load. Actions are different for a DSO or Cube.

 SAP BW DTP Request


That's a pretty complex, comprehensive set of steps.  To make sure you can follow them, we've converted this into a convenient ebook for you to download.


Get the Tutorial for  Identifying and Fixing a Data  Load Error When Using a DTP


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