10 SAP BW Project Estimation Best Practices To Roll-Out Today [Calculator]

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Estimating a SAP BW Project is Very Different from Estimating a SAP R/3 Project Roll Out. 

Though the SAP ASAP implementation methodology and its associated Business ADD-Ins cover the basics of both types of implementation projects, in our experience, the initial project estimation is where the deal is won and most importantly and isn't covered; this is where client expectations are set.

What makes it even more challenging to estimate a SAP BW Project is that there are now usually several other solutions that also need to be included in the estimation process. 


These may include, SAP Webi, SAP BW/HANA, Dashboard Builder, xCelsius, BOE for administration, and Crystal Reports.  All of these different Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions should theoretically be included in the business model to support the required business processes.

We Built This Using Proven Project Management Estimation Best Practices


We provide a sophisticated SAP BW Project estimator that you can use here on the blog and in several places on our site.  The SAP BW project estimator is meant to be used by a highly skilled SAP BW Consultant, as it requires thorough knowledge of SAP Business Content and SAP Business Processes.  

SAP BW Estimator

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When estimating a SAP BW Project, we follow these 10 Best Practices:

  1. Gather all available existing information, i.e., existing reports, dashboards, and KPI definitions.

  2. Determine the current implementation status of the SAP or Oracle or other ERP and legacy systems.  For example, are you performing a SAP rollout project or a Brown Field implementation?

  3. Establish whether a solid BW Naming Convention is established and used.

  4. If not, include a separate estimate to bring the naming conventions up-to-date.  This is really a delta design effort which much be separately costed out.

  5. Map, to the extent possible, the SAP BW Business Content to the requirements uncovered in Step 1 and from any other requirement sources.

  6. Analyze the security integration requirements in those cases where SAP BW is being added after the SAP system is stable. Upgrade the Segregation of Duties (SOD) Matrix and Design Documentation.

  7. Examine the organization chart for availability of internal resources.

  8. Establish what type of implementation this will be: 
    Initial deployment, build of requirements strictly per clients direction, or, Business Advisory type, where clients are looking for advice on what could be done beyond what they have thought of.

  9. Budget time for business case development and refinement throughout the project.

  10. Compare to past SAP BW project durations as a cross-check on the probability of success.

Do You Have SAP Project Roll-Out Consulting Estimation Questions?

Clearly, there are other items and issues to keep in mind when estimating a SAP BW project.  The popular refrain is that this must have been done before. 


Every Project is Unique


Unfortunately, your project has never been done before although one similar to it has been. It requires highly skilled and experienced SAP project estimators to arrive at a valid estimation. 


Take Steps to Assure Successful Project Execution


Project execution is the second ingredient required to execute to the estimation, and selecting the SAP BW Project Manager and SAP BW team is a skill unto itself.  


SAP BW Project Estimator Now Online


We've recently converted the estimation tool to a completely online experience, which encapsulates the knowledge of several very senior SAP BW consultants. 


SAP BW Project Estimator Calculator


Got any SAP BW Estimation Questions? Just leave a comment.


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