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Do You Need A Data Warehouse?

Use this self assessment tool to rate yourself against other companies.  These datawarehouse diagnostic questions are designed to help you assign a numerical score to your current use of data to inform and drive business process performance.  Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll get your benchmark results immediately which will look like the image below.

SAP BW Diagnostic Tool Output

When giving yourself a rating using this SAP survey tool, focus on the business processes you use within your companies.  This tool has been designed as a data warehouse requirements questionnaire as part of a comprehensive requirements gathering process.  When used with by SAP BW/HANA architects, it can help you design a robust analytic platform that allows you predict and achieve business success.    

Information is a key asset of every company.  Many companies have spent years investing in the development of their datawarehouse, yet may not have much to show for it.   

Using this SAP BW self assessment tool, you should ask yourself if your information management capabilities are truly designed to deliver insight to your business as and when needed.

Depending on your results, you may find that your information is siloed, and that many of your business processes could be substantially improved by using a datawarehouse. 

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