Do You Need Help to Develop your Social Media Strategy

Do you have a Facebook business page?

Discover how Inbound Marketing social media strategy and management can generate leads, prospects and customers at much lower costs. We start by helping you get your Facebook Business Page set up and your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Instagram pixels properly installed.

Do You Think Your Customers Are On Facebook?

Did you know that there are over 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion) Facebook users worldwide? 

How about the fact that 42% of B2B companies acquired a customer via Facebook.

How many Facebook fans does your business page have? 

We've seen companies that convert every 7th fan of their Facebook Business Page into a customer, every month! Do you have a social media strategy for Facebook?  How about Instagram?  Or Whatsapp?  

The number of social media users is huge, growing wildly and critically important to your success.  But to make use of social media, you have to get social.  You have to be 'there' all the time, everywhere

We have been building our presence on facebook using advanced facebook business page development best practices since the beginning of our own Inbound Marketing journey and have some of the most widely known profiles around.



Social Media is Where Your Customers AreWhich Social Media is the Right One for You?


We provide the following Social Media Strategy Consulting related services:

  • Identifying the most appropriate social media channel and channel combinations for you, your product or your service
  • Building your community and tribe
  • Showing you how to be a valuable member of YOUR communities.
  • Measurement

Which Social Media Channels Should You Consider for Your Social Media Strategy?

Though each channel is used for different purposes, the main ones and their uses are:

  • Facebook - B2C and B2B
  • Instagram - B2C or Direct-to-Consumer
  • Twitter - B2B and B2c
  • LinkedIN - B2B
  • Xing - B2B
  • Pinterest - B2C

There are others and some of them may be better for your business than these, but these are the ones most people are on.


Looking for Social Media Strategy Consulting?


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