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LinkedIn Sales Strategy

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Success with LinkedIn is More Than a Numbers Game

The first thing you need to know is that successful lead generation using LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator takes time.  The first 'secret' is to have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile.  It must fully convey what you do and how you help other people in your target audience solve their pain points.  This means your LinkedIn profile is a major component of your personal branding efforts.

Two Types of LinkedIn Profiles

There are two types of LinkedIn profiles you need to optimize, your personal page and your company page.  Many LinkedIn experts will tell you that your company page is of no value.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Your company profile can be an enormous lead generation machine, if used properly.  This is a key part of building an effective LinkedIn sales strategy.  It is also one prerequisite for running certain types of LinkedIn ads for most users.

LinkedIn Live and Webinars

One particularly useful aspect of LinkedIn company profiles is the ability to deliver webinars using either LinkedIn Live or one of the fully integrated webinar systems.  It's critical that if you go down the second route that it is also integrated natively with Hubspot.  This drastically improves the lead capture and follow-up email sequences you need to set up and send out.

All Your Employees Can Share Content on Your Company Profile

One of the more powerful features of the company profile is to allow your employees to publish content on their profile and then reshare it out on your company profile.  The system, of course, allows the company site administrator to vet all such content to ensure it meets your company brand standards.  This is a great way to amplify your message and generate more company followers.

Linkedin Content Strategy

To fully maximize the potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it is crucial to have an effective LinkedIn content strategy in place. Your LinkedIn profile, both personal and company, must be fully optimized to effectively convey your brand and attract your target audience. Utilizing LinkedIn Live and webinars can also help you generate qualified leads and capture valuable information for follow-up. Additionally, allowing your employees to share content on your company profile can amplify your message and increase your company's followers. With an effective content strategy, you can engage prospects who have already shown interest in your company and strategically outreach to hot leads. While it may take a few months to ramp up, consistency in valuable content publication is key to generating leads and seeing results.

3 Key Proven Linkedin Content Strategy Tips

While we are firm believers in developing a documented, well thought out LinkedIn Content Strategy, especially as it helps with budgeting, you should be aware of the following 'LinkedIn Content Strategy Hacks':

  • Publish regularly.  In fact, try to publish something daily.  It's best to have a spreadsheet where you plan out what you're going to publish.  But the most important factor is to publish and measure.
  • Publish both Long-Form Articles and Personal Profile Posts.  Long Form articles can actually perform well, contrary to popular believe.
  • Comment Intelligently on Other's Posts:  LinkedIn's algorithm rewards engagement.  You can boost your own engagement by commenting on other people's post who are relevant to your business interest.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a Powerful Sales Tool

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator as part of your LinkedIn sales approach will allow you to generate more leads.  How?  Simple, by providing LinkedIn Sales Navigator Users the ability to use the advanced search functionality of LinkedIn to send more connection requests to the most relevant people.  You won't be just sending 'in the blue' connection request, but rather, using the opportunity to share relevant content with potential customers who have a professional interest in what you have to say and what value you can deliver.

Strategic Sales Outreach System

As a Hubspot customer and user of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have a highly efficient and effective system for identifying and pursuing sales leads.  The secret sauce to success is using the Predictive Sales Analytics capabilities of Hubspot Enterprise to know just when to reach out to hot leads in your system.  This is how you continuously improve LinkedIn Strategies - measurement.

Engage Prospects Who Have Already Shown an Interest in Your Company

With the ability of Hubspot to identify companies who have visited your website and LinkedIn's ability to create what it calls matched audiences, you have the ability to engage prospects from the top companies in your target list, with your latest resources.  This is contextual marketing executed at scale combined with predictive analytics that most salespeople have never had access to before.  This supercharges your sales outreach efforts for greater sales results. 

Engage Directly With a Prospect on LinkedIN

One of the little known capabilities you have with LinkedIn is to know when someone is on LinkedIn and looking at one of your messages.  If you're in your message inbox, you may notice a little green circle.  When that is illuminated, that user is online and it is an opportune time to reach out to them, right through LinkedIn.  It's not unusual to go directly from a chat to a phone call.  

Leverage Mutual Connections to Create Leads

When you are sending connection requests, a great technique to leverage is to use mutual connections.  Better still are recommendations from mutual connections.  That's why you should ask for endorsements from past colleagues and as well, give them.  It is, in essence, a customer review (of you) and if the endorsement has some 'meat' in it; collectively, they serve as case studies of you and your company's past performance.

Developing Leads on LinkedIn Will Take a Few Months to Ramp Up

The most important thing to keep in mind about about using LinkedIn to generate leads is that it takes a while.  It will require consistent publication of valuable content, including both posts and other media on LinkedIn as well as more traditional Inbound Marketing Content, like an ultimate guide.  But sustained consistency wins this race.

Hubspot And Linkedin Sales Navigator

How To Engage Prospects On Linkedin

When it comes to engaging prospects on LinkedIn, the key is to have a fully optimized profile that effectively conveys your brand and attracts your target audience. Utilizing LinkedIn Live and webinars can also help generate leads and capture valuable information for follow-up. The Hubspot LinkedIn integration takes this a step further by providing predictive sales analytics capabilities to know exactly when to reach out to hot leads in your system. This powerful combination supports Account Based Marketing (ABM), allowing you to engage directly with prospects who have already shown interest in your company and strategically outreach to top companies in your target list. With this strategic sales outreach system, you can supercharge your sales efforts for greater results. It's important to note that developing leads on LinkedIn will take time and sustained consistency in valuable content publication is key to success.

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