How to Achieve align sales and marketing Alignment

Join Your Sales and Marketing Forces for Ultimate Business Power!

In order for a business to become a powerhouse, sales and marketing's efforts need to band together and produce the ultimate alliance.

Unifying Sales and Marketing - Nirvana

Sales and Marketing Alignment Statistics say that successful alignment between sales and marketing produces positive annual growth. In 2010, organizations who had a unified sales and marketing team gained 20% in annual revenue growth, and those organization who did not had a decline of 4%.

Aligned Sales and Marketing Teams

Along with Hubspot, our marketing and sales platform provider, we've developed the ebook, "The Complete Guide To Unifying Your Sales & Marketing Efforts", which will showcase how unifying your sales and marketing efforts will enable positive business results.

With this ebook, you will discover:

  • How to set up a closed-loop reporting system.
  • How to implement a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) between sales and marketing
  • How to define your sales funnel stages
  • Tracking and holding both teams accountable for revenue through dashboards & reporting
  • How to keep the sales & marketing communication channels open and flowing

Ensure that you are unifying your sales and marketing efforts for remarkable business results with our guide. Download it today!