5 Logical Reasons For Hiring A Mobile Marketing Agency [White Paper]

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Mobile marketing the last couple of years has emerged as the leading marketing trend and is here to stay for the long haul. Statistics say that in several years mobile Internet usage will conquer desktop usage by leaps and bounds!

In addition, targeting consumers via mobile devices and applications requires a whole new marketing strategy concept that many businesses may find difficult to implement on their own.


Although a business would like to try to formulate and execute all marketing in-house in order to maintain costs, hiring an outside source to assist in efforts such as mobile marketing not only will help with keeping costs down but can also be a great time saver.


A company needs to weigh the options to see whether or not outside help is the direction they need to follow. Perhaps a company has delved into researching various agencies, reviewed their past performances with other businesses and still feel unsure whether partnering with an outside source is right for them.  

However, there are many reasons why a business should hire a mobile marketing agency to assist them in their marketing efforts. Here are 5 logical reasons why a business should hire a mobile marketing agency:

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  1. Are you mobile tech savvy? 
    Configuring mobile technology is not an easy feat if there is no familiarity with working it. Hiring a team of experts who have the capacity and knowledge to sort out the design and troubleshoot tech issues can relieve a company of much stress and give time to concentrate on other business matters.

  2. Your website can get lost in translation
    Since most consumer web searches are now done online, it is important that a business website is as accessible anywhere a person may search for information. An agency will assist with the best route to adapt a business website on various mobile platforms such as Smartphones and tablets.

    People conduct approximately 3.5 billion searches a day on Google Source: Google

  1. Mobile Expert vs Mobile Amatuer
    Many marketing departments are filled with smart and adept people who can learn new things quickly and effectively. However, this takes time and a lot of effort. The wonderful thing about hiring an agency is that they can help a business based on their specific needs, which can be centered on consultation, project-to-project focused or full on mobile marketing services.

  2. SMS, MMS, Banner Ads…Which way to go?
    For many businesses, the mobile marketing trend can be like a foreign language with marketing jargon like MMS, SMS, geo-location, and Bluetooth marketing.  Experts in the mobile marketing field can aid in the selection in which mobile marketing efforts will be most cost effective and beneficial to a business and its target market.

  3. Keeping up with the marketing Joneses
    It is hard to keep track of how competitors are executing their mobile marketing matters, and in order to be successful up against the competition, a business needs to be highly aware of what others are doing.

    An agency full of experts will allow a business to be on top of their game with their industry knowledge and will assure that all mobile tactics are the most current and profitable.

Since mobile marketing entails rethinking a business’s marketing strategy it is crucial that a business calculates its approach in the most effective way. Hiring a mobile marketing agency not allows a company to properly embark on their mobile marketing motives but also gives a business the advantage to gain the knowledgeable tools to progress in the fast-paced world of marketing.

In addition, a big part of today’s mobile marketing includes business interaction with social media. For information on how a business can effectively use social networking, download our Hubspot guide How to Enhance Your Internet Presence With Social Media.


To help further refine your requirements for a Marketing Agency that can deliver on both mobile and desktop, using the advanced techniques of Inbound Marketing, we have prepared handy guide to hiring an inbound marketing agency.


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