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To successfully execute most things in life, like a business, a vacation or a party, there has to be good strategic planning behind it.  I have recently experienced personally how having a good strategy can guarantee success even with the most difficult of situations. Unfortunately, the “difficult situation” was myself.  A couple of months ago my boyfriend, friends and family were able to successfully pull off a surprise birthday party for me, which is no easy feat. You see, I love the element of surprise but something always goes wrong with my beloved surprise and I. Either I catch wind of the surprise and have to pretend to go along with it or I have to be told the surprise in advance because I am so resistant in going with what is supposed to be the diversion plan. However, this time, I was completely, utterly 100 percent surprised that I cried and was so shocked my first reaction was to walk out of the party because I was so overwhelmed. This was all due to fantastic strategic planning as well as knowing your end-client very well, which was myself, in this case. The elements of this victorious surprise party plan included planning ahead, dividing duties amongst a number of people, a little trickery and having a good diversion plan that will not seem out of the ordinary and have me suspect that something is awry.

marketing strategy

Knowing how much planning and strategy had to go into a small surprise party, one can only imagine how much strategy and planning needs to go into the marketing of a business. The inbound marketing process, according to Hubspot*, has 6 main steps which includes:


Step 1: Create a successful and purposeful marketing strategy and plan

Step 2: Develop an effective business website

Step 3: Generate more traffic to your business website through blogging, SEO, social media, and PPC.

Step 4: Convert traffic to leads through landing pages, offers, and Calls-To-Actions (CTA).

Step 5: Convert leads into sales through lead intelligence, list segmentation, lead nurturing campaigns, email marketing, and CRM integration.

Step 6: Measure all marketing metrics including traffic-to-leads, cost-per-lead, leads-to-customers, and cost-per-customer.


As you see in the inbound marketing steps above, the process kicks-off with the creation of a marketing strategy. A business cannot just roll with the punches and wing-it with their marketing efforts and expect to have consistently good results and positive ROI.  A good marketing strategy enforces a marketing plan of action that outlines the main goals, objectives, and ideal customer base. Recognizing these marketing aspects from the beginning will keep a business in check with its main focus and keep them from going in a direction that will lead to failure. As a SAP BW Consulting business, we know how important it is to create a marketing strategy and have devised some tips on what we think a business should incorporate when trying to develop their own marketing strategy.


Take a look at our 5 Must-Know Tips To Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy Development:

Marketing Strategy Tip #1
Formulate a marketing strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy including business goals, objectives, potential challenges, and competition.

Marketing Strategy Tip #2
Establish marketing goals that are clearly defined and which include a mix of strategic and financial planning including the amount of investment required and ROI objectives.

Marketing Strategy Tip #3
Ensure that the marketing strategy has been communicated and understood by all employees involved in the exectution of any marketing efforts .

Marketing Strategy Tip #4
Make sure marketing efforts, product/service, and customer target market  are aligned and demonstrate substantial and potential business opportunities.

Marketing Strategy Tip #5
Create relevant customer offers that will generate leads and sales, and is congruent with established target market, financial goals, and lead generation efforts.


Overall, creating a well-defined marketing plan leaves little room for unexpected results and financial loss. Taking the marketing strategy tips highlighted above into consideration will give any business a good jumping-off point into marketing their product or service with the proper planning and tools for success. Download a copy of our 5 Must-Know Tips To Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy Development checklist to help get you started with your an effective and profitable marketing strategy.



5 Must-Know Tips To Strengthen Your  Marketing Strategy Development


* Here is the link to Hubspot’s complete step-by-step visual guide to the inbound marketing process: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/31271/How-Inbound-Marketing-Works-From-Start-to-Finish-INFOGRAPHIC.aspx


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