SEO ROI Calculator

SEO ROI Calculator

Wondering what the ROI is from investing in content to drive organic traffic, which still accounts for 53% of website traffic?  Use our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ROI Calculator to quickly figure it out.

Most of the data you need to run this calculator can be gathered directly from your Google Analytics System and Google Search Console.  Average Order Value, being an average, will require some special setup but is possible to input to Google Analytics as well.  



Why Your Organic Traffic is Valuable

If you're running an SEO campaign and you want to justify a major investment in content, you need to be able to quantify how much the subsequent traffic is worth to you in bottom line dollars.  That's why we have built the SEO ROI Calculator, so you can quickly compute the ROI from SEO activities.  After all, search engine optimization and the associated SEO costs represent a major investment in time and money.

SEO Return on Investment

With our SEO ROI Calculator, you can determine the ROI of your SEO efforts.  If you're investing in high quality content, you need to be quantifying your investment in Search Engine Marketing.  The ROI of SEO pays dividends now and into the future, much like compound interest.

Marketing ROI

Since investment in all of the various marketing channels is continuously increasing, the need to achieve a positive marketing ROI from your marketing strategies is paramount.  Digital transformation involves investing in content marketing, and you need to know your content marketing ROI.  This also usually results in an increase in organic search traffic, which often (almost always in our experience) converts into paying customers at many times the rate of paid traffic customer acquisition.  

Calculate SEO ROI

Overall marketing ROI is calculated by rolling-up the investment in all your marketing activities, including SEO.  However, when you calculate the ROI of your SEO campaigns, it isn't just a single point in time calculation.  You have both an a point-in-time ROI calculation, and as well, when you run it in the future, you have another, presumably, higher ROI figure.

SEO is now Topic Focused

Search Engines such as Google have moved away from focusing on Keyword Optimization and onto Topics.  This means they are now looking for the entities you written have about on your page as well as the other related pages on your website.  This leads to the need to have more content on your website, which is tightly related and semantically interlinked.  

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Key to Achieving a Positive SEO ROI

You should notice that our SEO ROI Calculator includes a conversion rate field.  There are actually conversion rates at each step of your funnel.  However, the conversion rate shown above is your Sales Conversion Rate.  As a large or small business owner or entrepreneur, marketer or sales executive, at the end of the day, what counts are sales.  That's why just focusing on getting organic traffic, in isolation, will not yield the results you need.  Instead, you must know about the simple 3 step process of Inbound Marketing and Sales:

Have a way to Turn Visitors into Leads

If you manage to get someone to visit your website, then your next critical task is to convert them into a contact.  You do this by providing useful content, either that you produce and provide to them (whether free or paid) or that they produce themselves by using a tool you developed.  This is called UGC or User Generated Content.  This is where having a Inbound Marketing Agency that provides SEO Consulting is critical.  It is only by examining the entire funnel, and all the different ways someone may come into your funnel and proceed through it (sometimes known as the flywheel) that a true SEO Optimization expert can deliver value.

Predictive Analytics Can Help Drive Better SEO ROI

When you have a system that provides a predictive analytics capability, such as Hubspot Professional or Enterprise Marketing Suite, you have one of the most powerful tools available for optimizing your content production ROI.  

What is Predictive Analytics

Hubspot predictive analytics comes in two flavors, manual and automatic.  Both approaches use what you can learn from user behavior on your system in order to inform sales of which prospects has the highest probability of closing.  The more sales you have the better the predictions work.  

Content Should Incorporate Your Predictive Analytics Feedback Loop

There are many keyword research tools out there, but the top three SEO Tools are:

  • SEMRush
  • AHRefs
  • Google Adwords

Each takes a slightly different approach to keyword research and analysis and each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Though I use all three, the one I rely on most is Google Adwords.  That's because it is not only free to use, unlike the other two, it is also telling you what Google is using when it serves up ads.  As a Google Adwords PPC Consultant, this is very handy.  As a SAP Consultancy business owner, this is telling me what content I need to develop.  

The real marketing superpower is know which content is driving sales.  This is where Predictive Analytics comes into its own.  You can use the Hubspot system to analyze the route people are actually taking to the sale, versus the one you thought they would when you first designed your content plan.  This is also one of the key tools you should be using to drive your decisions on where to spend your time and money on blogging.  You see, blogging, often and thoroughly, has and remains one of the key routes to marketing success.

Get Help With Your SEO Efforts

If this sounds like it's complicated, that's because it is.  However, it is doable, and we can help with our comprehensive SEO services offering.  Just complete the form to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you achieve a positive SEO ROI with the right SEO strategy designed and executed by a top SEO Agency.