Do You have a Pillar Content Strategy

SEO has changed

Learn what top SEO's do differently

Does your website have pillar pages that are semantically rich?  Do you write comprehensive content as part of an overall Topic Cluster approach to ranking.  

Did you know:  90% of website visitors prefer to read from a PDF as opposed to a website page.

In our Pillar Content Strategy Guide, you will:

  • Learn about Topic Cluster Methodology, a new approach to SEO
  • Understand how to build a Pillar Page
  • Know how to use HubSpot’s new Content Strategy Tool


Content Strategy Must Be Designed With Google's Search Engine In Mind

While Also Keeping Your User Front and Center

With the release of Google's Hummingbird, coupled with the 3500 updates Google is known to make to their search engine each year, high quality content is no longer enough.   That's table stakes.


Pillar Page Content Strategy

You must couple high-quality content with high quality technical SEO and a solid Pillar Page foundation to get those coveted 1st page rankings on Google.  Grab our FREE guide and we'll show you how to get started.