Understanding SAP BW in 5 Minutes

The Need for Business Intelligence Example

Your organization is debating the need to implement a Business Intelligence Solution and a Data Warehouse solution.  As part of the decision process, as a CIO, you want to clearly understand how your company would benefit from using a Business Intelligence system. More importantly, you would like to understand the benefits of the SAP BW module.

OLTP and OLAP Environment

Business Intelligence System: OLTP and OLAP Environment


We have collected the following information into a 5 page informative guide for you so that you can make an informed implementation decision:

Understanding SAP BW in 5 Minutes

  • How business intelligence software helps to control the masses of information in your enterprise
  • ERP systems and business intelligence systems
  • Business intelligence systems properties and objectives
  • Requirements of a modern business intelligence system:
    • Standardized structuring and display of all business information
    • Simple access to business information via a single point of entry
    • Highly developed reporting for analysis with self-service for all areas using tools like SAP Web Intelligence, SAP xCelsius, SAP Dashboarding, Qlik, Tableau and other visualization tools.
    • Quick and cost-efficient implementation
    • High performance environment. Data modeling from heterogeneous sources
    • Relieving OLTP systems
    • The Data Warehouse component of Business Intelligence
    • Desirable properties of a data warehouse
      • Read-only access
      • Cross-organizational focus
      • Persistent storage
      • Long term data storage
      • Designed for efficient query processing
      • Differences Between an OLAP and an OLTP System
        • Level of detail
        • History
        • Integration
        • Normalization
        • Read access

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