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How Do You Easily Choose the Right Google PPC Consultant to Hire?

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Based on high level market analysis, you’ve put together a killer website and crafted a marketing strategy to drive growth and meet your ambitious business goals. Part of that marketing strategy includes pay-per-click advertising, but you have no idea where to start.


Looking for a Google PPC Expert





Value of an Google Adwords Certified Consultant


A Google PPC consultant offers your business a unique set of skills that can enhance your Google paid advertising campaigns.


Hire Adwords Expert


Choosing an expert google adwords consultant, though, can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a adwords PPC expert.  


Hire Adwords Professional Based On Data


With an efficient list of questions to ask your potential Google adwords specialist, you can easily determine whether a Google ads consultant is the Google Ad Words Expert that is right for your business.  You need to hire adwords consultants who are highly experienced and certified by Google.

What Can a Google PPC Consultant Do for Your Business?

A complete marketing strategy will include more than just PPC advertising: it will also include email marketing, SEO-optimized website content development, creation of conversion optimized landing pages, and social media marketing, among others.  A Google Ads Specialist will be to take care of all of these issues.  A Google Ads expert can be your ace in the hole when it comes to setting up your Google ads account for success.  What do adword experts do, though?


Get You a Higher Quality Score


A Google adwords expert knows that these efforts will lead to higher value better search results and will reveal valuable long tail keywords that reflect user intent. Then they will develop a landing page for each targeted long tail keyword, specifically tailored to where users are at in their customer journey.


Conversion Action Design

One of the most valuable outcomes of all this research and content creation is knowing what the goals are for each landing page and the conversion action that you want a prospect to take on that landing page.  These become goals within Google Analytics, which can then be imported into Google Ads and can be set as campaign goals.


Value Based Campaign Foundation

Google's most powerful campaign bid strategy are value based strategies.  Expert Google ads consultants work to ensure conversion tracking is set up properly, whether you're an ecommerce business or lead generation based business whose sales often come long after the initial conversion.  Google refers to the later as Offline Conversion Tracking.


GCLID Tracking and Automation

While ecommerce businesses generally have an easier time tracking and attributing revenue to ad campaigns, lead generation businesses require additional steps to track and attribute revenue.  The Google Click ID (GCLID) is the enabling technology to this magic.  With it, you can increase conversions and normally see increased sales.


Upgrading to Value Based Bidding


Using a Value Based Portfolio bidding strategy, Google ads professionals can leverage your online advertising to target ever high sales and profit growth, at ever decreasing adspend.

Many Marketing Channels to Invest In


It can be difficult to decide which channels to invest in, but there are certain marketing strategies that really do need an google ads advisor expert’s touch.  It may be that the best strategy for successful marketing campaigns will involve not just running Google Ads, but Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads or even Pinterest ads.  Google ads experts will need to understand and have experience in all of these to truly be able to offer you value added consulting services.


Hiring the right Google adwords PPC consultant is a practical investment in growing your business. An expert adwords PPC consultant offers key benefits that will support every marketing team’s strategy, including:


Specialized expertise: Using Google AdWords can be a bit tedious, and the right ad words PPC consultant expert will have demonstrable experience in managing Google ads campaigns using the available Google ad campaign tools.


Critical keyword insight: Optimizing your keyword strategy for paid ads is different than for website and blog content, so it’s crucial to hire someone that understands the subtle nuances. 


A Google ads experts knows how to conduct keyword research using knowledge gained from your target audience using the Google search engine. 


Using Google Analytics, the Google Editor and small Google Ads test budgets, your Google ads expert will be able to identify missed opportunities to stop wasting money and drive more sales.

Negative Keywords


A Google ad expert also knows how to implement an effective negative keyword strategy to drive down ad spend while improving real results.


Effective ad writing: As with keywords, the copy for an effective paid ad is going to be distinct from your website and email marketing copy, and a certified Google PPC expert knows how to write ad copy that converts into leads.


In general, every expert Google adwords consultant will be able to analyze your data, using both Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Ads itself, and make changes to your paid ad strategy based on the insight garnered from this analysis. The right PPC expert, though, will routinely work with your business to update your ad strategy and goals. They’ll stay on top of both trends and changes in the paid ad space and trends in their client’s industry. Before you hire a Google ad consultant, you need to know a few things about the consultant’s background and approach.

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Google PPC Consultant

Hiring a Google PPC consultant is a big decision – there are thousands of consultants that might be available but finding the right one takes a little bit of research.


  1. Does the Consultant Have a Client Portfolio?

    You want to know how a Google PPC consultant performs and reviewing work they’ve done for other businesses is a great way to find out if a consultant has the right tone for your business. If a portfolio isn’t available – an NDA can prevent some consultants from displaying their work – look for client reviews or testimonials. Case studies are another example of content that can help you evaluate a PPC expert, and social media can provide some rudimentary insight, as well.

  1. What Tools Does the Consultant Use to Validate Their Strategies?

    Google AdWords is a comprehensive tool in itself, but relying on it as the sole source of data is a novice approach. A PPC expert with Google certification should use tools that broaden their approach to paid ads. That includes using tools to optimize your company’s keyword strategy as well as tools that make cross-channel marketing an option for your Google ads. They’ll be able to compare data from a number of channels to validate their ad campaigns.
  1. When Does the Consultant Follow-up After Ad Implementation?

    Besides the timeline for implementing your overall marketing plan, a Google PPC consultant should have a timeline for their paid campaign process. It generally takes time for ads to produce results, so you should know what the timeline looks like for a PPC expert. The timeline should include when you’ll receive your first follow-up, and when to expect routine follow-ups. You’ll also want to know when they suggest updating your ad strategy.

  1. Is the Consultant an Authority in Your Industry or Vertical?

    A highly-specialized Google PPC consultant will have a firm understanding of your industry. They’ll know how to write ad content that your clients will appreciate and what keywords to use to drive more traffic to your site. They will also be expert in search engine optimization up-to-date with the latest search engine changes, which are constantly being rolled out.  You also want to consider whether the consultant is familiar with advertising to your vertical – B2B advertising is different from B2C advertising. A well-rounded PPC expert can offer a lot to most businesses, but certain industries will benefit from a specialized PPC consultant.  They will also be able to offer additional consulting services from having years of experience building out PPC campaigns.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Google PPC Consultant

Choosing the right Google PPC consultant is more than just asking a few questions. You need to spend time comparing each consultant’s experience and skillset. Start by doing a search for consultants, either virtual or local, and use these tips to narrow down your list of potential candidates:


  • Read through the list of services: Every PPC expert should have a list of services, and you want to understand what kind of experience each consultant has.
  • Compare strategy and goals: Most consultants have a “how it works” page – or something similar – that gives their clients an idea of when to expect follow-ups and results.

  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis: Hiring a PPC expert is an investment, but you need to understand how much it costs for the consultant and ads, then determine how much revenue it will generate.

You want to hire a Google ads consultant that makes your ad strategy as efficient as possible. The time you spend researching potential consultants will be worth the boost in revenue later.

Does Your Business Need a Google PPC Consultant?

Every business is different, but there are critical reasons to hire a Google PPC consultant. First, Google AdWords is a complex tool that requires certification.


Google Ads Consulting Services


Rather than spending your time understanding the intricacies of the platform, a Google certified ads professional can efficiently manage ad campaigns based on Google’s standards.


Second, an expert Google ads consultant has the expertise to craft Google ad campaigns that create actual value for your business. This can take months to achieve on your own.


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