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How Can HubSpot's Growth Platform Suite Actually Help You Grow?

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How Successful Companies Achieve High Growth Rates


Every marketer knows the value of a great marketing tool. The right marketing tools can make your team more efficient, improve conversions, and according to a recent Harvard Business Review article, drive growth, and give you the data you need to continually develop your sales and marketing departments by providing them a potential capability set unmatched by other growth platforms.



Your Growth Platform


Want to know if the HubSpot Growth Suite is right for your business? Learn about the practical benefits and key features of this digital marketing tool and how it can help you meet your overall strategic goals.




Set and Achieve Strategic Growth Goals


This allows you to develop aggressive growth strategies and achieve much higher growth rates from the same set of prospects.  Even if you are just starting out with a simple website, you can start with the Hubspot Free platform and insert a simple snippet of Hubspot tracking code to start improving your chances of remaining competitive in today's hyper connected digital world.


New Growth Platform Paradigm

Simple Customer Relationship Management Software

The HubSpot Growth Suite is a new type of powerful marketing tool that leverages your customer data to drive growth. It’s packed with features that enhance the HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and, being more than just a sales and marketing tool, it’s designed for optimum customer service. But can it really help your business achieve its growth strategy?

What Is the HubSpot Growth Suite?

Unified Hubspot Platform


The HubSpot Growth Suite is a collection of features, or hubs, that – when combined – create a marketing tool that offers a full range of sales and customer retention elements. As part of the HubSpot suite of tools, it runs on the data in your HubSpot CRM.

Ideal for New Businesses

For brand new, startup businesses, HubSpot’s CRM offers a free customer management platform that offers some basic marketing features to all its users.

For example, many businesses, when first launching, will put up a WordPress website.  There's a lot you can do with well designed WordPress website, but, managing inbound leads is where the new business runs into what will prove to be a very expensive and difficult problem to fix, despite all the hard work you put into launching your brand new site.

Google Analytics Hides Actual Valuable Lead Information

One of the most costly issues you'll run into over the long term, and which your company's success depends, and which the Free Hubspot CRM helps solve, is acquiring the actual names of leads you generate

Google does not allow you to capture actual names from your inbound traffic, at least that Google will directly tell you about.  It, instead, uses technology to anonymize their identities.


One simple Plug-In from Hubspot typically solves that, while still staying in compliance with Google's privacy rules.


Hubspot Free and Shopify Integration

One additional 'awesome' capability of Hubspot FREE is its native integration with Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform.  By installing Hubspot Free, you will be able to do two critical marketing and sales task:


  • Provide content offers on a Landing Page
  • See abandoned shopping carts and their values, before Shopify sees them.

When you're just launch a new ecommerce business, this is extremely valuable feedback in terms of gathering market knowledge and developing and delivering content offers and providing better product offers.


Hubspot Growth Suite builds on what the FREE CRM offers:


Additional features: In addition to the features that are part of the HubSpot CRM, there are dozens of additional tools within the Growth Suite that are only available as part of the different Hubspot growth platform suite license subscription levels.


Hubspot pricing: The Growth Suite is a practical way to gain access to extra features without paying for each hub individually. There is a 25% discount on the bundle of features you choose.


Exclusive support: With certain packages, exclusive support options are available. This includes email support as well as in-app support options. Community support is available for all packages.

There are three packages available in the HubSpot Growth Suite: starter, professional, and enterprise. Each of these packages includes a selection of features that were specifically curated for the size and stage of your business.


As part of the HubSpot Growth Suite, you’ll have access to key software integrations that allow you to share data across different marketing tools. This means you’ll have a consolidated view of your sales and marketing data while reducing the number of sites you need to log into.

9 Benefits of the HubSpot Growth Suite

The HubSpot Growth Suite is a bundle of HubSpot’s “hubs” – sales, marketing, and customer service, plus the CRM. Each hub has its own practical benefits that make this a comprehensive suite of tools.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub has a variety of features that can grow your site traffic, convert more leads, and track and analyze your sales funnel performance.


The Marketing Hub offers lucrative benefits, like:


1. Content creation: Whether you want to create blogs, email templates, or landing pages, the drag and drop editor makes it easy to create engaging content that converts.


2. Targeted marketing: You can drive traffic to specific web pages using a combination of SEO, content strategy, and the right marketing channels, like social media or paid ads.


3. Personalization: Creating a personalized journey – complete with an automated email campaign – encourages your visitors to become new customers.


The Marketing Hub is a complete approach to email marketing, paid ad campaigns, and social media platforms.

HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub comes with a selection of features to make the sales process more efficient. Through every stage of the funnel, the Sales Hub provides practice benefits that include:


4. Email automation: You can create email templates for routine emails and set up automated campaigns that are personalized and optimized.  


5. Follow-up triggers: With real-time data tracking, you can receive notifications when your visitors' open emails, click links, or open attachments, which enables a follow-up series.


6. Pipeline tracking: Track your teams’ sales results to see where your sales goals stand for the month and review individual pipelines to see who is leading the charge.


The Sales Hub is an effective set of features that encourages smart automation for maximum lead conversion.  The native analysis capabilities mean you can easily define Key Performance Indicators or select them from vast library of existing reports.  In addition, the system is easily extended to other Performance Monitoring platforms, such as Databox or Google Analytics. 

HubSpot Customer Service Hub

HubSpot’s Customer Service Hub is a collection of tools that makes it easy for your business to respond to service inquiries while empowering your customers to find the answers they need:


7. Customer experience: A streamlined customer service experience is critical to maintaining happy customers and the Service Hub consolidates all of your conversations in one place.


8. Knowledge base: You can create your own knowledge base that gives your customers the power to help them help themselves.


9. Customer feedback: Every business can improve its processes by talking to its current customers and surveys make it possible to engage with yours easily.


The Customer Service Hub is a practical solution to handle customer inquiries and technical support questions.

3 Best Features of the HubSpot Growth Suite

HubSpot’s Growth Suite has over 70 features that make it a robust choice for digital marketers. Though every company has a unique approach to marketing, there are some common tactics marketers use because they have been proven to work.

The Growth Suite incorporates several key features that every marketer – no matter the size of your business – will appreciate:


1. List segmentation: An email marketing best practice, list segmentation ensures that the right people receive the right emails while also providing an element of personalization.


2. Canned snippets: Salespeople are busy and making their jobs easier enables them to sell more. Canned snippets are templated responses to common questions your sales team receives.


3. Custom bots: Improve the customer service process by creating automatic live chat responses and sending help links to your customers.


Some of the most useful features of the HubSpot Growth Suite are its email components – segmentation, personalization, and tracking make email campaigns more effective.

Do You Really Need the HubSpot Growth Suite?

The truth is that it depends on your business, the size of your team, and the health of your email list. HubSpot pricing for the Growth Suite starts at $113/month, making it a relatively affordable way for small businesses to gain access to some of the best marketing tools available.  Some other capabilities you might need to consider when evaluating a growth platforms include:


  • Support for Multiple Brands

    For many businesses, who have multiple products and services, and brands supported by long term investments in branding efforts, support for multiple new domains is an absolute must.  You'll be happy to know that the Hubspot Growth Suite has you covered. Each primary Hub can (at additional cost) support additional brand domains.

  • Integration With Other Marketing and Sales Solutions

    While having the marketing, sales and service hubs all work off one central contact database is important, being able to integrate with wide variety of other systems is also a critical capability.

    No matter how well Hubspot's Growth Suite helps you meet your strategic growth goals, you will most likely find you to use other systems as well.  

    Out-of-the-box, you'll find natively integrated applications to help you meet your goals.  Senior managers will appreciate the complexity reduction this offers to their technical environments.

  • Limiting Number of Emails Sent to a Contact

    As you grow and expand your marketing campaigns, you sometimes find that you need a simple way to limit the number of emails sent to particular contact.  For this, you need the Hubspot Marketing Hub Enterprise edition of Hubspot.  This is because it is entirely possible for a prospect to be a member of multiple active campaigns, and can become overwhelmed with emails.

The Growth Suite can increase open rates for email campaigns, improve conversion rates for your entire marketing strategy, and optimize your organization’s processes.


Certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Sales Partner

In order to fully leverage and benefit from all of the sales and marketing capabilities available to users of the Hubspot Growth Suite, it is recommended that you take advantage of the services offered by highly experienced and certified Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Sales Partners, such as SAP BW Consulting, Inc.


Repeatable Business Implementation Process


SAP BW Consulting, Inc. provide deep expertise in lead generation, sales consulting and integration with SAP ERP.  We are able to provide analysis and recommendations that take full advantage of today's incredible data driven tools.


Find Out More About the Hubspot Growth Platform


We've prepared an in depth guide about the Hubspot Growth Platform for 2019.  Click the button to grab your free copy.


Download the Hubspot  Growth Platform Guide for 2019


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