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Learn How You Can Win with Hubspot CRM

There is one thing that is true about me, and that is the fact that I have never won anything in any sort of giveaway, sweepstakes or raffle –yet.


Once, I attended an art exhibit along with four other people, and every single one of them won a prize in a raffle except for me, of course.

Nonetheless, I have not given up! Just the other day I entered an online raffle to win two airline tickets to Switzerland sponsored by SwissAir.


Help Me Implement  Hubspot CRM! 

All you had to do is like their page on Facebook, fill out a short form, and give an explanation why I want to win the prize.


A an Effective CRM Advertising Example


Just as I am writing this, my favorite swimsuit brand posted on Facebook a chance for Instagram users to win a new swimsuit by following them, reposting their picture, and tagging the photo with their hashtag brand name. 


Enhanced Customer Experience


Many small businesses are using this approach to social media combined with new technology based on cloud-based CRM systems.  With the right CRM tools, marketing automation platforms like Hubspot are able to detect this social media activity and engage people 'in the moment' with offers and other lead nurturing emails and offers.


Each Team Member Can Focus on Their Own Contacts

For sales managers, one of the greatest attributes of marketing automation is the ability for their sales team members to get near instant notification of contact activity.  When you have all of your contacts being assigned an owner from the first moment they come into your system, your sales productivity is going to be much, much higher.


Lead Management Best Practices

One of the CRM implementation Best Practices we've found works for most of clients is to assign an contact owner as early as possible in the process.  This works whether it is B2B or B2C or D2C.  


Why Assign Owners Early?

Primarily it is to prevent lead leakage so lead value is not lost. While a CRM solution can increase efficiency, as your Inbound Marketing lead generation efforts begin to scale, there's a tendency for leads to get lost.  Sales teams get very busy, very fast, and part of an effective implementation strategy is design a sales process that stops leads from getting left by wayside.


Good Examples of Effective Marketing Campaigns


We shall see if my losing streak will live on! The fact of the matter is that these are two fantastic customer relationship marketing examples of how businesses are currently engaging their current customers, and simultaneously gaining new ones.



It is very apparent how customer relationship management has evolved through the years as the marketing trend has leaned towards social and mobile platforms.  It also demonstrates how CRM systems are able to support each stage of the customer journey, even when it is anything but a straight line.


CRM Software Integration


Fortunately, businesses now have three great ways to integrate their customer relationship marketing within their marketing plans.


The Social Route:  

Since social media has become a standard in an average consumer's life, CRM integration within social outlets online need to become a standard for every small business as well as large businesses.


Social CRM


The beauty of social CRM is that it is built within a community mind-set that can be easily shared and viewed by the public. However, a business needs to think about how they can encourage loyalty to their brand once they confirm a customer’s social media engagement and support through Facebook, Instagram or another social media site.  


Clever Promotional Marketing is Foundational to Success


Of course there are many clever and creative ways a business can promote their brand while establishing benefits for their customer base. This can be done through reward programs and online coupons as well as giveaways and contests like SwissAir’s airline ticket contest and my favorite swimsuit line bathing suit giveaway promoted through Facebook.


The Mobile Route:

Businesses can now engage their customers on the go via their mobile devices through SMS, MMS, push notifications, and geolocation technologies. With immediate notifications sent to a mobile phone or tablet, a business can possibly get instant sales and interactions they are aiming for.


Consumers Receive a Lot of Messages on their Mobile Phone


These days, I can’t tell whether or not the sounds coming from my iPhone are actual phone calls, texts, or notifications from one of my many mobile apps. Many of the mobile applications I use such as Living Social and Fab.com constantly keep me updated via my phone with special deals of the day or coupons for local businesses.


The Traditional Route:


The older methods of customer relationship management should still be incorporated with a business’s current marketing tactics. Some of what can be described as more traditional customer relationship management tools include direct response mail and email campaigns.


Physical Promotion Still Works


While all consumers are still checking their mailboxes and inboxes online, businesses still need to send out promotional items, coupons, and updates to keep their customers engaged and promote their campaigns to make sure they are utilizing all marketing venues to their maximum value.


Brand Loyalty is Key


When it comes down to it, a customer will maintain their brand loyalty to a business if the benefits are there whether it is through social, mobile or traditional CRM.


Brand Congruence


However, a business needs to make sure that all three ways of customer engagement are congruent with their marketing goals and the customer is gaining the benefits needed to nurture the CRM relationship. Sometimes it is hard to get going on a new marketing platform such as mobile marketing, check out my blog for 5 Logical Reasons for Hiring A Mobile Marketing Agency.


CRM Platform Implementation Keys to Success

When it comes to implementing a CRM platform, whether it is Hubspot, Salesforce or even SAP, there are some well trodden paths to success.


Thorough End User Training


Because your sales team will be using the CRM platform five days a week, you will want to ensure that they are completely comfortable and satisfied with the system.  Every CRM system implementation project manager needs to make this a top priority.  If they don't use it sell, but rather only use it to record activity, the sales productivity the business expected will not have been met.


High Level Business Buy In


In addition to having a core CRM implementation team, it's also crucial to gather all identified end users, such as members of the sales, marketing, and service teams. Getting feedback from them helps you determine what features they need most, how much training they'll need, and a variety of additional data points that help you introduce the new tool with ease. By ensuring everyone is heard, you're much more likely to get and keep the executive level commitment successful project management requires.


Data Migration and System Testing

If you're a brand new business, with zero sales and no leads, then you won't have much of a data migration or system testing issue.  But, if you're like most of customers, who may be replacing a Salesforce CRM environment or integrating with a SAP ERP system, you're going to have to perform multiple rounds of structured data migration and system testing.  This can be very complex, and takes considerable time.  It must be done and done correctly if you want your team to have faith in the system.


Hubspot CRM - Just Turn It On!

One of the strongest selling points to Hubspot CRM is that, being cloud based, and built on top of the same contact database as the marketing hub, means it is just a matter of turning it on to get start.  While that eliminates the need for complex, expensive on-premise hardware setup, you still have to go through a CRM implementation project.  


Complete Hubspot Implementation Services

That's why we offer Hubspot CRM implementation services.  While we have a productized service approach to this, every customer is unique and our team of experts can quickly customize our implementation approach to your requirements.  Just click the button to get started.



Help Me Implement  Hubspot CRM!


Until Next Time...


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