7 Warning Signs Your CRM Customer Service Processes Are Broken

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One of the most effective ways to do that is to identify problems with your Customer Service Processes.  Perhaps you are suffering from some of the following problems, even if you have a CRM system installed (or your customers are suffering from them and haven’t told you about it)!

  • Customer Claims:  Your Claims processing is too slow.   As claims volumes increase, your claims processing times increase constantly and your customer service experience is perceived to be poor and your customers are increasingly dissatisfied.

  • Service Level Agreement Compliance:  Customers are not satisfied with your ability to comply with SLAs and entitlements resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

  • Warranty Renewals:   Typical example:  You are an operator of jet engines used in airplanes, i.e., F-16 Falcon, and your engines have overall warranties and individual parts may have specific, 3rd party warranties.  Both increased operating cost and loss of revenue may result from an inability to validate warranty claims.  This is why many operators are looking for power-by-the-hour (PBH) logistics contracts.

  • Engineering Change Request/Notifications:  If you do not have a problem database, mobile enabled for field service technicians,  you will not be able to support your customers effectively.

  • No Historical Customer Interaction Record.  If you have an incomplete view of a customer’s previous interactions, entitlements and SLA, you may erroneously deny service that is required or provide free service which should be paid for.  You also may miss quality trends which are apparent from the interaction history. 

  • Incomplete 360 Customer View:   Your business will suffer an impaired ability to provide complete and/or timely customer support with an incomplete view of the customer’s profile, order history, complete relationship and preferences noted during order entry.

  • Communication Processes:  Broken communication links between critical departments, such as marketing, sales, operations and logistics.  If your customer is playing phone tag with your company, he will soon be placing orders with a competitor.


These and many other customer service process pain points all influence how well your customers experience your company’s service or product.  Fixing them requires an integrated IT system along with a focus on business process execution at all layers of the organization.  Besides having the IT systems and processes in place to address these issues, you need an analytical system that helps you focus on these issues.

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If you're looking to improve your customer service processes, our firm can help you achieve this.  Remember, it is around 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to resell to an existing happy customer.



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