Discover Project Managers Utopia With These Change Management Tips

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Do You Know What Your Perfect World Would Look Like?

Everyone has their own version of what a perfect world would be for them. Some people want fame and fortune, others want love and happiness, and many just want it all.

Marketing Project Managers Want Just Three Things In Their Perfect World

In a marketing project manager’s world, they just want their projects to run smoothly, on time and within budget. Well, doesn’t that sound easy enough?


Hardly.  As we all know, nothing goes as it’s planned, even in a perfect world!


No Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy
– Helmuth von Moltke the Elder,German Field Marshal (1800 – 1891)


Change Is The One Constant Of Project Management


There will always be external factors that will create unplanned changes, which every project manager needs to be ready for.


Perfecting change management skills is vital, and utilizing these few tips can help any marketing project manager with any changes that may come their way.


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In A Perfect World: Project scope and goals would remain constant



  • You have collaborated with your client about the project scope.

  • You have written a creative brief, which has been approved, and you have already had your internal kick-off meeting.

  • Midway through your project’s progression, the client changes the scope and goal of the project.


  • Explain to the client the effects the changes will have on budget and the timeline of the project.

  • Provide them what has been created so far, and compromise on what changes are feasible within their timeframe and budget.

  • If client is still unsure of the new scope of the project, try to pinpoint if it was the creative concept, budget or another factor that triggered the changes


In A Perfect World: Team Members would meet all deadlines



  • All deadlines and timelines have been discussed and agreed upon at the kick-off meeting.

  • However, some new projects have come in that have a tighter turnaround time and bigger budget, which puts your project at the bottom of the heap.


  • Create different time buffers – one specific to the client, and one specific to the team members.

  • This will give your project the extra time needed for unforeseen circumstances. Even one extra day can make a difference for a project deadline.


In A Perfect World: Clients would give their project feedback in an organized and timely manner



  • Your client has given you the feedback you need but in 5 different emails by 5 different people, and within a 3-day span.

  • Finally, you have implemented all desired changes from the client but the next day, the client has even more changes to make!


Customer satisfaction is crucial to any project, but the client also needs to abide by certain guidelines to guarantee that the final product is up to client standards and budget.


Suggested Guidelines from the Trenches:

  • At the beginning of every project, let the client know how many days they have to give you project feedback, and how many rounds of changes is within budget.

  • Find out who the main point of contact is for the project and define the main line of communication.

  • Make it clear all project feedback needs to be collective.

Living The Dream Is Possible

It’s easy to daydream about project utopia, but the fact of the matter is, there are things that project managers just can’t control due to unforeseen circumstances especially in terms of change management. If handled properly, a project can possibly reach the goal of project perfection. 

Project risk management needs to be a key part of your ‘Best Practices”.  For more tips on attaining project management success, click on the button below. 


7 Key Tips to Successful  Marketing Project Management


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