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Is Mobile Marketing For You?

In downtown Fort Lauderdale this past weekend, there was a block party with about 20 food trucks from various locales in South Florida all lined up with a variety of food options ranging from hamburgers, vegan food, sandwiches, and desserts. Although not a new concept anymore, the mobile food business is still very competitive and a unique way to market a brand.  Not only can these businesses pick up and go to their clientele in multiple locations but they can advertise at special events, such as a block party or festival, for new business as well. In addition, all these businesses were able to promote their online presence with social media symbols such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and QR Codes on their food trucks. The concept of a mobile food truck can be extended to the way a business conducts their online mobile marketing.

The convenience of a business coming to you is a brilliant way to market a product or service. A business needs to cater to the person on the go, and within the world of mobile phones, coming to your customer instead of them coming to you is easier than ever! However, businesses not only need to incorporate online mobile marketing in their marketing mix but need to know how to utilize it properly. The realm of online mobile marketing is advancing quickly, and businesses need to take note on how to move forward with it.

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Here are 5 ways you can improve your online mobile marketing efforts:

  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly – Unfortunately, not all websites are created equal in the mobile world. Websites need to be translated clearly, easy to navigate and have the same usability functions across all mobile platforms or else it can result in a loss of customer base and sales.

  2. Have Landing Pages that shine – Having an easy to access mobile landing page with a clear call to action is crucial. This will not allow you to continue to maintain tracking any leads and conversions, but also have a better understanding in the measurement of your marketing efforts to see what works and what doesn’t.

  3. Create online offers to keep the customers coming - Create reasons for your customers to keep coming back to your mobile site through exclusive offers such as coupons and limited time deals only found online as well as making mobile shopping as easy as possible. QR Codes are also a good way to encourage costumers to interact with a business and purchase goods from their mobile device.

  4. Join, Share, and Expose Yourself with Social Media – Social Media is here to stay, so make sure that you are on top of your game with all the major social media networks. This includes having every aspect of your marketing online the ability to share all the goods your business has to offer, and letting the customer do some of the marketing for you.

  5. Localize Your Online Marketing – Make sure your surrounding community is aware of your business by localizing and optimizing your business online through Google and Yahoo. Many businesses gain customers based on a need of a service or product that is conveniently close in proximity.

Many businesses know that online mobile marketing is the new way to engage current customers and create new ones along the way. Implementing these five suggestions to your online mobile marketing efforts will put you in the right direction in establishing and improving your current mobile presence. For a comprehensive look at improving your overall internet marketing, download our e-book "The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing". 

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