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Want Maximum Value From Facebook Ads?

Is your Social Media Strategy aligned with your SMART goals?

With almost 2 Billion Users, Facebook is a key social media marketing platform for generating leads and customers.   In fact, it influences over 52% of all purchases. However, you need to have both a successful business strategy, working sales funnel and know what you're doing in order to get maximum value from it and all your Facebook Fans


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What Does Our Facebook Ads Management Services Provide?

As part of our Facebook marketing ad management service offering,  we will set up your:

  • Facebook Pixel.  This is piece of tracking code created by the Facebook system that must be inserted on your website.  Without it, your ad spend cannot be optimized.
  • Configure Custom Events.  For each specific event you want to track on your website, for example, a webinar sign-up, book a demo, make a purchase, view a video with a specific keyword, you can set up a custom event to track that specific event.  
  • Develop a Custom Audience (s).  The Facebook superpower comes down to audience targeting.  With over 200 unique characteristics which can be combined in an almost unlimited number of ways, you can build highly granular target lists. But wait!  There's more!
  • Create Lookalike Audiences.  Underneath the hood, Facebook uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create very large audiences that behave or 'lookalike' one or more of your custom audiences.   Got an existing customer list?  Guess what, those people can be used to create a perfectly targeted, segmented customer list.

As part of our comprehensive Facebook Management Services we'll also help you set up your:

  • Facebook Business Manager.  What is Facebook Ads Manager?  Facebook Ads Manager is the starting point for setting up and running ads for your Facebook Ads Campaigns.  It is really the primary Facebook Marketing Application for most Facebook Advertisers.  
  • Configure it and  Facebook Ads Manager Account.  The Facebook Business Manager is really a suite of tools for managing many different activities of your Facebook Business Page and Personal Page. 

    Many Facebook Ads Management Tools Available

    The Facebook Ads Management Tool of most relevance to most people is the Ads Manager.  However, there are many other activities that must be taken care of with this tool, i.e., research, analytics, partner manager and user management.  User management can be especially challenging, as there are many roles, such as account manager, and all of them have to align with several other parts of your particular Facebook environment. It is here you'll also need to setup a payment method, i.e., credit card. 
  • Product Feeds.  Help you set up product feeds from your ecommerce platform, i.e., Shopify
  • Social Media Management.  A separately priced service we offer is managing your Facebook page.  The reality is that Facebook expects you and your business to be 'social' first, which in-turn makes your ads work better.  There's a fine art to getting this right.
  • Facebook Messenger.  One of the most used applications on the internet is Facebook Messenger.  We offer specialized chatbot development using ManyChat, a chatbot builder that can take your customers on highly complex, fun customer journeys.  The conversion rate on these types of Facebook advertising campaigns are typically some of the highest you will see on the Facebook platform.
  • Facebook and Instagram.  Being a visually oriented platform, Instagram offers a multitude of advertising opportunities.

Our Facebook Advertising Management Services Summary

  • Paid Facebook Ad Management:  We will help you decide which Facebook Ads are required for each stage of your Facebook Sales Funnel, and set up Facebook Ad Campaigns for each stage of your sales funnel, which work for you whether you're a Small Business or a Global Multi-National. 
    • Campaign Management.  Within an ad account, a well structured Facebook Ad Campaign involves selecting the correct campaign objective, i.e., brand awareness, setting up one or more ad sets and the creation of ad creatives and ad copy.  Over time, each campaign, ad set and budget expenditure will yield better and better audience targeting information.
  • Proactive Account Management: You will get a dedicated Facebook digital ad specialist who is an Facebook advertising expert to help ensure the success of your Facebook advertising spend.  This is a key factor in getting maximum value from your facebook advertising cost.
  • Online reputation management: We will help you Build a positive brand image through Facebook reviews. This is key to building customer confidence in your business, ultimately leading to more customers.  
  • Customer support: SAP BW Consulting, Inc., is known for its quality of customer service. We provide it by phone and live chat Monday through Saturday.  You can also book a meeting with us to go over any issues

Advanced Facebook Advertising Services

Your Facebook advertising expert will also run A/B tests as needed in a continuous improvement model as part of our total quality management approach to Facebook Advertising.  If you're a business advertising online, you should always be testing.

Facebook Measurement and Improvement System

We also offer advanced analytics services to help you focus on Brand Lift, Ad Recall, and other relevant business metrics.  RCTs (Randomized Control Trials) are a major way we do that.  Facebook offers extensive analytics, all of which can and should be set up to focus on achieving specific, measurable business goals.

Integrating Facebook with Google Analytics

Almost all of digital marketing customers use Google Analytics (GA3 or GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM), and need to track various social media metrics, such as those generated by Facebook, within Google Analytics.  Part of our setup process means setting this up within your Google Analytics System as well Goals.  

Why It Takes Much More Than Just Managing Facebook Ads.

Setting up and running successful Facebook Ads Campaigns begins with developing a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Strategy.  Without strategy, all you have is a series of disconnected tactics.   That's why we always start with a thorough, end-to-end Strategy Analysis.  

Facebook Advertising Platform Expertise

The Facebook advertising platform is a powerful tool for businesses looking to generate leads and customers on social media. With almost 2 billion users, it's a key platform that influences over 52% of all purchases. However, to get the maximum value from Facebook advertising, businesses need a successful strategy, a working sales funnel, and effective implementation. Our Facebook Ads Management Services provide a comprehensive solution that sets up your Facebook Pixel, configures custom events, and develops custom audiences to create highly targeted lists. We also help you set up Facebook Business Manager, configure your Facebook Ads Manager Account, and manage your social media presence. With advanced analytics and a focus on achieving specific business goals, our team of experts will help you build a positive brand image and increase customer confidence in your business, ultimately leading to more customers.

Facebook Sales Funnels Can Be Modeled and Aligned with your Overall Sales Funnel

You may or may not know what is meant by a Sales Funnel.  It's simply a way of visualizing the process of how your customers first become aware of your business and what it offers, then how they become convinced that your solution is the right solution.

Importance of Website Design

Before you spend money on Facebook advertising, it is critical that you have a well designed website, with dedicated highly performing landing pages, dedicated to each paid media channel, including, of course, Facebook.

Experience Counts and Ours Pays Dividends For You

We've been doing this for our clients for years and see it as a key tactic you should be using.  If you would like us to help you with your Facebook advertising, just complete the form.  A certified Facebook Inbound Marketing Consultant will reach out to you.

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