Facebook Ads Management 

Facebook Advertising Management Services

Is your Social Media Strategy aligned with your SMART goals?

With almost 2 Billion Users, Facebook is a key social media marketing platform for generating leads and customers.  However, you need to have both a strategy, working sales funnel and know what you're doing in order to get maximum value from it and all your Facebook Fans. 


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What Does Our Facebook Ads Management Services Provide?

As part of our Facebook marketing ad management service offering,  we will set up your:

  • Facebook Pixel 
  • Configure Custom Events
  • Develop a Custom Audience (s) and 
  • Create Lookalike Audiences,

We'll also help you set up your:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Configure it and  Ads Manager. 
  • Help you set up product feeds from your ecommerce platform, i.e., Shopify

We will help you decide which Facebook Ads are required for each stage of your Facebook Sales Funnel, and set up Facebook Ad Campaigns, which work for you whether you're a Small Business or a Global Multi-National.  We will also run A/B test as needed in a continuous improvement model as part of our total quality management approach to Facebook Advertising. 

Facebook Measurement and Improvement System

We also offer advanced analytics services to help you focus on Brand Lift, Ad Recall, and other relevant business metrics.  RCTs (Randomized Control Trials) are a major way we do that.

Experience Counts and Ours Pays Dividends For You

We've been doing this for our clients for years and see it as a key tactic you should be using.  If you would like us to help you with your Facebook advertising, just complete the form. 

Why It Takes Much More Than Just Managing Facebook Ads.

Setting up and running successful Facebook Ads Campaigns begins with developing a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Strategy.  Without strategy all you have is a series of disconnected tactics.   That's why we always start with a thorough, end-to-end Strategy Analysis.

Facebook Sales Funnels Can Be Modeled and Aligned with your Overall Sales Funnel

You may or may not know what is meant by a Sales Funnel.  It's simply a way of visualizing the process of how your customers first become aware of your business and what it offers, then how they become convinced that your solution is the right solution.

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