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5 Best Ideas How Business Can Grow With Video

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Build Your Business Through Video Marketing


If you own a business, you are aware of how crucial marketing is to turn a profit. The greatest approach to building your business could be through video marketing.


Strategies to Connect with Customers


Successful businesses have experimented with a variety of marketing strategies to connect with their customers. Promotional Marketing Videos are a crucial component of marketing in addition to spoken and written information.


Connect with Customers


Grab Viewer Attention with Video


Videos increase viewer attention by providing consumers with captivating imagery that might be hard to come by in the present market. They are also a practical marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes because they are simple to distribute on social media platforms like Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitter.


Connect via Multiple Video Channels


Engagement is Key


The secret to leveraging videos in your business is to develop engaging, inventive films that engage viewers. Once you have mastered this challenging skill of using video to tell your story, you may use a video editor's assistance to produce innovative videos for your business going forward.


User Engagement


Youtube Channel Analytics Provide a Roadmap for Engagement

While it does take a certain degree of imagination and technical skill to produce an engaging video, you don't have to 'fly blind'.  Once you have published a few videos on your YouTube Channel, you will start to get very good analytics - including engagement metrics.


These metrics are key to understanding what you must focus on when producing subsequent videos.  They tell you whether you're grabbing and holding people's attention or not.  They also tell you whether they are generating clicks.


Youtube Channel Analytics


Your Youtube Channel is a Powerful E-Commerce Platform

If you run an ecommerce business, such as many of our customer's do, and you use one of the ecommerce platforms like Shopify, you can, with the right technical setup, get not just your products to show up under you videos, you can get the most relevant products to show up!


Youtube Channel Hashtags


Don't Forget #Hashtags

While many people may not fully appreciate the use of #Hashtags, you should definitely learn more about them.  They are, among many 'things', a shortcut way to quickly search for videos.  If you don't have your own Hashtags selected, TubeBuddy is a good place to start researching which ones are followed by the most people.


Hashtags Allow People to Find You Quickly

While the debate rages over whether to include #Hashtags within the body of your video description or at the end, the fact is, people use them to search out related videos.  For instance, one of the Hashtags with the largest followings on LinkedIn is #entrepreneurship, naturally enough.  Whenever you post something on that channel, which is relevant to entrepreneurship, you definitely want to tag it.  Same goes for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


Many Sources of Captivating Video


These websites are engaging because they offer a wide range of exciting and captivating material from many sources, including blogs, newspapers, magazines, and news channels. Another well-liked method for companies to advertise themselves and their goods is through online video. It can help viewers decide if they want to buy a product or service right away or perhaps see a demonstration before making the decision. 


Beautiful girl smiling - isolated over a white background


Five Suggestions for Using Video to Expand Your Business

Increase Traffic Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Video marketing has been proven to be a more effective marketing method than traditional methods because it helps people convert visitors into customers faster. Since mobile users are more likely to interact with and read material than web users are, it is also more effective in converting mobile users than other types of content. You'll experience a boost in website traffic and conversions if you employ videos in your business. The main goal is to upload videos to various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your website, and your blog.


Variety is the Spice of Life


Different sorts of videos may be produced. To promote your business, you may create individualized event films, promotional videos, or instructional videos.

Publish videos demonstrating how your business runs.

People want to know what you do when they visit your website. Videos are a great way to see what is going on behind the scenes. They will see if your team is passionate about the business. They will share them on social media if they love seeing them.  One of the masters of doing this is Gary Vaynerchuk or just Gary Vee, who has built an enormous following using video.  You can check him at the upcoming "Grow With Video Live 2022" event.


Provide Personalized Content and Ads

One of the more powerful aspects of having a comprehensive library of video content is the fact you can use it to provide highly personalized content - within other videos.  What this means is that you can piggyback on other successful videos if you know how to properly structure your video advertising campaigns, whether on YouTube or Facebook.


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Show Why Your Different Than Your Competitors


It's beneficial to demonstrate to potential clients why your business is superior to those of rivals. This may be displayed by providing video footage to showcase your past work so that clients can count on you in the future.

Video advertisements

Advertising is a powerful tool for attracting ideal customers to your business. Traditional advertising does have its drawbacks, though. By using videos as an advertisement to market your business on any platform, you may raise the number of viewers and brand engagement. Once they are shared on other websites, your traffic and conversion rates will increase regardless of whether you are utilizing paid advertisements or native video services.


Use Video to Teach

Adults are Active Learners


A "How to" video may be an excellent method of instructing your audience. You can use a free online video maker that is simple and easy to use and fulfills all your video needs. Promote the video once you've uploaded it to get additional views and shares, which will eventually lead to conversions on your website or landing page.


Make introductory videos for brand-new goods or services


New products or services can be very exciting, but they don't always sell themselves. Making introduction videos that introduce new products or services through an amusing story or situation is a fantastic method to get around this.  This will assist you in attracting new clients and letting them know what type of assistance and services they can expect to receive in exchange for their money.


Customer Video Testimonial are Powerful Forms of Social Proof


Customers who are already familiar with your brand may find it beneficial to review the service or product you are providing and the reasons why it offers great value for the money. The most effective method to accomplish this is by producing a brief but informative introduction video. It should also be simple and to the point and contain a call to action that encourages the viewer to contact your business.  It's also a great way to solicit customer video testimonials.

Host an Event 

Suppose you're in the business of selling products and services. Then, by organizing workshops, conferences, webinars, product demos, or meetings where you can instruct people about your goods, you may use the power of video to increase your sales. This way, you'll get more exposure to what you do.


Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader


It's also a good way for experts and thought leaders to get more leads and exposure using the power of video. This is a fantastic approach to establishing yourself as a powerful business leader in your industry and giving others the chance to benefit from your knowledge. Because they give viewers the impression that they were present when the video was shot, event videos are among the most widely used genres of video material today.

Video is Here to Stay


Due to its interest and engagement, video marketing is swiftly rising to the top of the list of most used marketing strategies. It expands the customer base for your company and is a good method to get the word out about what you have to offer. It's also a powerful approach to explain to them how and why they should use your products. It's not simple to learn how to make videos, though.


Gain a Competitive Edge with Video


Businesses that use video marketing have an edge over their competitors. Whether they are instructional or promotional, your videos must have a purpose if you want to grow your business.  Remember, you're competing against competitors are already creating, distributing and leveraging video in multiple marketing channels.


Keep Your Audience in Mind


Additionally, consider how you may appeal to your target audience with the video. Video marketing is the best way for companies to widen their reach, boost sales conversions, and increase engagement with their customers.

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