YouTube vs. Wistia for SEO

YouTube vs. Wistia for SEO: What Are The Differences?

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Highly Effective Video Marketing Strategy


In today's digital era, video has become a must-have asset for every business. The reason is that video offers a powerful way to deliver a story, educate customers, introduce new products and gain audience engagement.


Many businesses use video as part of their marketing strategy. This is because video has proven to increase conversion rates, attract audiences’ attention and improve brand awareness and it is a outstanding lead generation tool. Even so, you must still plan out your video marketing strategy and then prepare all your video marketing needs to expedite your business campaign. 

Video Content Production is Challenging


Videos are known to be quite challenging to produce and after the video production is done, you will need to upload videos to the video hosting platform of your choice, the promote, analyze and track the results of your video campaigns regularly.  


Promoting Videos


To simplify the whole process of promoting your video campaign, you need to know what video hosting is best to share your video and help you boost your SEO.


Video Hosting Service Choices


There are two types of video hosting platforms that are very popular with numerous users, namely YouTube and Wistia. Each of these video platforms offers advantages and disadvantages.


Before you choose the one that suits your business needs and goals, here are some differences between Wistia and YouTube from SEO credit perspectives to help your campaign succeed:

YouTube Advantages and Disadvantages for SEO

The second most popular platform in the world, after google, is YouTube (which is also a Google owned property), a powerful video platform to boost your SEO ranking. It can help you launch your business product or service to a broader audience through Your YouTube channel.

Advantages for SEO

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform in the world. So, who doesn't know YouTube? Almost everyone around the globe uses YouTube; this is one of the benefits of YouTube for your SEO.  It's also one of the key reasons you should read, understand and implement Google's search engine optimization tips for video SEO.


In addition, you need to remember that Google dominates the search engine, and YouTube is under the auspices of Google. In other words, YouTube videos will get priority in the Google search engine so that they can quickly boost your website's rank.


Since 2014, Google introduced a change in how video snippets are no longer shown except by YouTube and a few big brands. This results in YouTube having over 91% of the snippets which make it appear directly in the SERPs.  .


Having this feature of YouTube can help your YouTube video stand out among other search results. Explainer video is a great example of video to be embedded in your website’s landing page. It helps your visitors stay longer on your page which can have a good impact on your SEO.


For example, if you run a business around blockchain or cryptocurrency, you can embed blockchain video on your website. Just like this blockchain video from Axelar, it helps them introduce their company’s product or services in a compelling way. For example:



Disadvantages for SEO

The drawback of YouTube makes it a little more difficult for users to create video sitemaps compared to Wistia. 


When YouTube has difficulty creating a video sitemap, it will be difficult for search engine bots to crawl your website. Thus, this disadvantage of YouTube will also affect the website's SEO assessment and rank.


Moreover, when you embed YouTube videos on your website, you essentially give up control over what content your visitors will find out. You seem to be opening a hole where viewers can quickly bounce off your website and down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Wistia Advantages and Disadvantages for SEO

Wistia is a popular video marketing platform among companies and marketing agencies. Thus, it has various kinds of compelling video marketing like explainer video, motion graphics, product video, etc. Moreover, Wistia can provide a variety of features that YouTube does not have. It's deep integration with Hubspot makes it an ideal video hosting platform.

Advantages for SEO

Wistia is purely used for business purposes. This video hosting platform can provide various tools that YouTube does not have. For example, Wistia offers video email marketing integration via MailChimp.


It has another feature for users to create video sitemaps easily to help search engines crawl and index your video content. Wistia also offers A/B testing features by using existing thumbnails to do A/B tests and analyze and track viewer engagement.


Wistia's most significant selling point is user tracking. We can see the activities that users do when viewing our videos. It includes when he considers, pauses, and leaves the videos. 


With its powerful analytics tool, Wistia offers a screen recording tool called Soapbox. It allows users to take videos and record their screens and even send the video to customers, prospects, and team members.


Wistia also offers embed code compatible with most CRMs (including WordPress).

Disadvantages for SEO

Wistia's weakness here is visible; as previously mentioned, Wistia will lose in the Google search engine, considering that Google prioritizes YouTube, so it is difficult for Wistia to increase its SEO rank on Google.


However, that doesn't mean it's impossible; Wistia can still get video rankings on Google SEO by providing quality content and how well you optimize it too. Thus, creating high-quality, compelling, and informative videos are essential.




To sum up, Wista videos keep people on the website, while YouTube videos are designed to take people to YouTube. However, both video hosting platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages that can help you boost your SEO. 


You need to find the one that aligns with your business's purposes and goals. Thus, the differences between Wista and YouTube mentioned above will help you decide the suitable one for your business campaign. 


If you are still struggling to decide the best one for your business, it would be best to take a Hubspot consultant to help you win SEO rankings.


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