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Market Where The Most Potential Customers Are Located

When I was kid, (A long time ago), I did a lot of fishing.  One time, we were all fishing along a creek bank in Southern Indiana, and my cousin, Rachael May, who wasn’t catch’n much that day, said to her dad, “throw mine out where the big fish are”

That Was Not a Bad Idea!


 Multi Channel Marketing

 Market Where Your Customers Are At


Multi-Channel Marketing Helps You Cast a Targeted Message To Your Exact Audience


Thinking about Multichannel marketing, that is exactly what you do - you throw your hook in where the potential consumers are.  Now, I realize that today’s hi-tech fisherman use radars to find the fish versus guessing where the big fish might be. 

Well, for a Multi Channel marketer, analytics is your radar (in case you're wondering, it's not backwards, you are just viewing it from the opposite side, like you would on a submarine). 


Get The Right Message At The Right Time To The Right Customer

A Proven Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Just finding a potential customer isn’t enough.  You have to provide what us fisherman call "bait" or what otherwise is known as a lead magnet. And every potential customer requires very specific bait, which might take the form of specific messages, offers, i.e., promotional coupons, discounts, service packages, or some combination thereof.  Best-in-class digital marketing professionals know how to employ all of these tactics as part of a successful multi-channel marketing campaign.


You Need the Right Tool for the Job


If you want your multichannel marketing efforts to be successful, having the right bait requires the right fishing gear to land that big fish.


Want Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Results


Want to know how we catch fish in the Multi Channel marketing world? It's more than just personalized marketing messages.  It's about leveraging all of your digital marketing online resources.  These can include YouTube Videos, calculators, SAP Configuration Tools and Project Estimators, ebooks, checklists, webinars and many more.  We've prepared a simple yet powerful free 5 step guide to multi-channel marketing success to get you started.


5 Step Guide to Multi-Channel Marketing 


Oh, she did finally catch a few that day.


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