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1 Key Tip When Upgrading from SAP BW 3.X to BW 7.X [Checklist]

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SAP BW Upgrade Tip Of The Day👍

Are you one of the many SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) customers that are still using some version of SAP BW 3.X (SAP Business Warehouse 3.X), while the current version SAP BW 7.X, has been out now for many years?  Are you planning on moving to SAP HANA or SAP BW on HANA?  One quick upgrade tip is whether you can upgrade BW queries from SAP BW 3.X systems to SAP BW 7.X systems.  The short answer is YES!

💡 All SAP BW 3.x Queries Will Run On SAP BW 7.X

You can open SAP BW 3.X queries with SAP BW query designer 7 and it automatically upgrades it but you can't go back. Most functionality should not change but you can't move it back.  All you do is open the query with SAP BW Query Designer 7.X.  Many functionalities that you're currently using will actually work better with the release of the new SAP BW system.


Understanding Embedded Systems vs SAP HANA

SAP Notes to Be Aware of

Whether you're upgrading to SAP BW 7.4 or SAP BW 7.5, you should, of course, check SAP support for all applicable notes.  SAP Solution Manager continues to be required as part of the research, test, transport, and apply process.


Some Key SAP Notes to Check:


  • SAP Note: 2302832
  • SAP Note: 449891 5
  • SAP Note: 2245345 PSA 1
  • SAP Note:  2213428 and 2359931 (Related to Composite Providers and ADSOs)
  • SAP Note:  2586174

SAP Support provides step by step instructions for each of these notes, which must be strictly followed to ensure success.  If you're not famaliar with the Change and Transport Management System and the configuration your SAP BASIS team has developed for it, it is advisable to consult with them to ensure you are performing all transports correctly.

Customer Exits

Customer exits are probably the only thing I can think of that may need to be tweaked.  RSROA_VARIABLE_EXIT” was introduced in SAP BW 7.4. and all exits must be converted before moving to BW/4HANA.


Eclipse-Based Modelling HANA Studio


Eclipse-based Modelling HANA studio is now seen as the unified UI (User Interface) for all modelling done in BW/4HANA and the SAP GUI is no longer required for modelling in BW/4HANA. All data models, including queries, are created in the HANA studio UI when using the BW/4HANA system.


So there you have your SAP BW Upgrade Tips O'the Day.  


SAP BW 3X to 7X Upgrade Checklist


Successful SAP Upgrades Driven by Experience


We have many other SAP BW Upgrade 'experienced implementor' based tips you can take advantage of if you're planning on or in the middle of a SAP BW Upgrade. 


Smooth Upgrade


In conclusion, upgrading from SAP BW 3.X to SAP BW 7.X is not as daunting as it may seem. By following the recommended SAP notes and working closely with your SAP BASIS team, you can successfully upgrade your system and take advantage of the new functionalities. Remember that experience is key when it comes to SAP upgrades, so don't hesitate to seek help from experienced implementors. As a final tip, make sure to download our free SAP BW Upgrade Checklist to ensure that your upgrade strategy is on track. Don't let fear hold you back from upgrading and unlocking the full potential of your SAP system.


SAP BW SAP Upgrade Checklist

Part of Your SAP Upgrade Strategy


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