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Your SAP System Needs To Change

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Whether your SAP system has been live for a day or 10 years, it requires constant changes and business process configuration updates for you to obtain maximum value from your investment.  In short, it requires the services of a SAP Functional Consultant.

What do we mean by Functional Consulting?

SAP Functional Consulting

  • SAP Functional Consulting: SAP functional consulting means we implement additional SAP Business Process Functionality
  • SAP Functional Support: Because our SAP ERP consulting practice has expertise across all SAP Modules, we can extend the expertise of your internal SAP team.
  • SAP HANA Consulting Support: Our SAP Center, being located in the US and staffed by high-end SAP Functional Consultants who are constantly updated with the latest SAP Functionality, such as SAP HANA Functional Consulting, means you can take your SAP system to the next level of performance.


SAP Functional Consulting Business Case


Our Business Case is Compelling


SAP Project Delivery You Can Trust

Our SAP project management philosophy is simple - we use the proven SAP ASAP implementation methodology and hire only the most experienced SAP functional and SAP technical consultants to provide implementation help.  Our disciplined approach to SAP project delivery consistently results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

SAP Analyst with Deep Functional Knowledge

Enterprise resource planning software, such as SAP software, requires SAP analyst who not only have a Bachelor's Degree if not a Master's Degree; it requires enough industry experience to become a subject matter expert.  A successful SAP Consultant possesses deep expertise in his SAP module.  He also understands the best business process models and how to implement them to meet a particular client's business requirements.

Every Engagement Requires a Solid Business Case

While SAP functional consultants have deep technical knowledge of their SAP module and which business needs they satisfy, they understand and are able to assist in the development of a business case that ensures every SAP project achieves a positive ROI.  Our team of SAP value engineers, business analysts, and management consultants also help each client develop and validate their project's projected ROI.

Convert Client Requirements into Functional Specifications

One of the key areas of expertise our team brings to the table is the ability to translate client requirements into functional specs.  All business processes that are to be supported by the SAP ERP system, ultimately have to be configured in the SAP IMG (Implementation Management Guide). 

Develop Clear Enhancement Documentation

For those business process requirements that cannot be fully met by configuration alone, SAP consultants must develop WRICEF-A functional specifications, based on their deep technical knowledge of how their module(s) work, such as SAP MM, SAP FICO, SAP HRMS, or any of the other 16 core SAP modules including the various integration points that exists within and among the various modules.  Performing the required business analysis of the actual business needs, is a key technical, functional and business skill each of our highly skilled SAP functional consultants bring to the table.

Change Management of Project Stakeholders

Business stakeholders appreciate the value insights delivered by knowledgeable and successful SAP functional consultants.  However, another key project task that must be managed is that of change management, because these changes often result in additional project expenditures.

We Can Deliver Effective User Training

Our SAP Functional Consultants are much more than software developers, though that is a major part of the job.  They are also experts at analyzing user needs, converting those needs into functioning SAP business processes, and developing and delivering state-of-the-art end user training.  They produce training materials that are a critical element in the long-term viability of your custom SAP solution.

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