10 Secret Tips to Choosing SAP Consulting Companies [Checklist]

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Choosing The Right SAP Consultancy

Do you have any idea how many SAP Consulting firms are out there?  Or how many different types of SAP Companies there are in the SAP eco-system


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SAP Consulting Services


Do you need to hire the services of top gun SAP Consultants but don’t really know what that means or where you might find a SAP Consulting Company with access to a vast network of SAP consultants.



SAP Consulting Has To Charge Top Dollar

You could, of course, hire them from SAP to deliver IT services. Afterall, they built the SAP software which is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system which is just one of the many SAP solutions they offer.


Expensive But in Short Supply


Though you will pay top dollar for Enterprise SAP Consulting Experts from SAP Consultancies, they come with the distinct advantage of having access to all the internal SAP resources, but they also have one big disadvantage, and that is they must cover their fully loaded cost (FLC) plus an acceptable margin, which is substantial.  


Different SAP Services Based On Your Size


You may also find that if your SAP project is small, or less than strategic in nature, you may not get the attention you want and deserve when you need it for your future SAP solution.  This holds true for the big 4 SAP consulting companies as well, as their business models are largely the same.

SAP Professional Services Selection

As a SAP consultant led small SAP Consultancy, we believe we have whittled the process of selecting SAP Consulting Companies down to the essence of what is needed, and that you should benefit from our long term, and long range efforts to create a truly global, virtual consulting team using the best of social networking and a deep knowledge of what makes a top gun SAP consultant.  We've learned how to effectively partner with other small sap consulting companies to deliver the best sap consulting services.


How to Evaluate SAP ERP Implementers


A partial list of what you should look for when selecting the best SAP Consulting Company for you includes:


  • Industry expertise, preferably in yours or one similar to yours that allows them to offer you industry-specific sap services.
  • Advanced implementation methodology that extends the ASAP model where needed and provides a customizable SAP implementation roadmap.
  • Experience across several industry verticals.
  • A deep network of consultants who have expertise with various sap software solutions.
  • A culture of fostering knowledge sharing about their unique SAP ERP implementation process.
  • Transparent sales and marketing approach.
  • A value discovery and delivery approach which includes value realization benchmarking services and leverages the SAP Value Lifecycle Management (VLM) application.
  • Testimonials from other clients including case studies relevant to you and your business.
  • Demonstrated thought leadership that is both broad and deep.  If, for example, they purport to be big data and machine learning experts, you should be able to find examples of their thoughts and musings out there on the web.
  • Willingness to dig deep into the tools available to find a solution from among the various SAP ERP products available as a result of the unparalleled sap product strategy.
  • Ability to both say no to infeasible solutions while also actively searching for and developing unique SAP services offerings and uniquely valuable alternative solutions. 
  • Can provide Value Led ERP Advisory Services.  

SAP ERP Implementation Service Providers Have Common Yet Distinct Capabilities


You will notice that these characteristics are not unique to SAP Consulting Companies, nor are they separable from the people who work within a company. 


SAP Consulting Company













Track Record of Success is Critical


While SAP is a powerful software solution able to help take you on your digital transformation journey, it requires skilled software developers, solution architects, business analyst, Project Managers, and Management consultants, all working as highly skilled team members to help you become one of the many SAP success stories.  


SAP is a Business System

While many people see SAP as purely a technology company, nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, it provides information technology and does software development. It also provides a vast range of managed services and IT infrastructure, including hosted cloud solutions for it's various flavor of SAP HANA.


A Global Technology Firm


However, SAP software developers and their many development partners work in close coordination with product development teams, customers and SAP partners, to deliver advanced technology solutions across a wide domain of business processes, such as Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management and Data Management.

Bundled Service Offerings

Many SAP consulting firms work closely with both SAP and their own customers to identify the need for specialized service offerings.  These are highly specialized services and solutions that allow SAP address 'white space' requirements in certain industries, such airlines, railroads, professional services, high-tech, EC&O, Petroleum and many others.  These often meet the software needs of very small market segments that can only be addressed by SAP Partners that are close to the problem.


SAP Partners Provide Business Services

SAP partners do more than simply implement your SAP system.  First and foremost, they bring know how to the project. The best sap consultants provide SAP advisory services about your business applications and the best way to configure them - including other ways they could be configured but why the proposed way is the best way.

Best SAP Advisory Services

A typical activity where you might engage a SAP partner is with a finance transformation initiative.  A senior SAP finance consultant would typically provide advice to help you define and achieve desired business outcomes.  Then they would help you with roadmap development and come up with a clear delivery model that fit with your timeline and budget.


Selecting SAP Companies Checklist

You can see that there are a lot of critical factors you take into consideration when evaluating your next SAP service provider.


That's why we have prepared a short checklist for selecting SAP Consulting Companies which you can download by pressing the button below and filling out the form on the page where it takes you.. 



Download 10 Key Tips  for Selecting SAP Consulting Companies





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