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When it comes to planning for your SAP Project Resource Requirements, whether it is for a single SAP consultant or an RFP for a whole SAP Implementation team, please fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP.   

Best SAP Consulting Services and Solutions

While SAP provides a wide spectrum of business solutions that can fit many business requirements, the best SAP consulting providers know that every business is unique and has business processes which require specialized SAP implementation services.  That's why many of our clients seek us out for SAP services consulting, SAP HANA business consulting and our unique SAP advisory services.

Experts in SAP Consulting Services

Because you and your business are unique, your SAP system has unique implementation requirements.  One of strengths is the ability bring Senior SAP consulting expertise to bear on your problem and find solutions that others may have missed. 

SAP Consulting Services Companies Solve Tough Problems

It Takes World-Class SAP Consulting Services

For instance, perhaps you are newly assigned in a new company but came from another company where you used SAP and you know it did something in the old company that you need it do in this new company.  That can be an extremely challenging situation to solve.  Your internal IT department may not have the time, expertise or budget to take this problem on for you.  

You Need an External SAP Consulting Firm

While many SAP consulting providers would not have the expertise based on experience to make that happen, the best SAP advisory services providers, such as SAP BW Consulting, Inc., will make it happen.  We know how to work both with your existing your SAP services and IT consulting environment and how to best support the business requirements of end users.


SAP Consulting Guide

While we process your SAP consulting services support request, we would like to provide you with our unique guide to the characteristics we have found you should look for in a high quality SAP Consultant.  Once you complete the consulting request, we'll send you to a download page with the guide.

Case Studies

As one of the top sap consulting firms, we can also provide you SAP case studies of our many client successes.  Whether it's a system migration, upgrade, legacy system conversion or an integration project, our SAP consulting services and solutions have you covered.

We Provide Remote SAP Consulting

In addition to providing SAP Certified Consulting resources with deep industry experience, we provide remote SAP Consulting and can provide SAP end-to-end consulting services.  Our remote and onsite SAP Consulting rates for SAP consultancy services are among the most competitive in the industry.  They are a great business value.

Top SAP Consulting Company

You don't get to be a top SAP Consulting Agency without establishing a track record of success.  We have successfully delivered:

  • Large scale, green field implementations
  • SAP Business Cases
  • SAP BW Resources
  • Business Transformation Success Stories
  • Master Data Management (MDG) Projects
  • Application Management Services
  • Managed Services
  • Industry Specific Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Digital Transformation Projects
  • SAP S/4 HANA Upgrades and Migrations
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Global Roll-Outs
  • Custom Developments when ABAP is requested
  • Value Engineering
  • Business Case Development

Our unique delivery methodology helps you get the maximum value from your SAP system in the minimum amount of time at the least risk.   

Not Sure What is SAP Consulting?

We believe SAP Consulting is the successful combination of SAP training and education, industry experience and SAP Project Experience.  It also is the effective combination of the SAP ASAP Implementation methodology combined with proper project management.    That's why our projects have all been successful and why you should contact us if you want to achieve success on your SAP project.

SAP Services

Unparalleled SAP Product Strategy and Unique SAP Services Offerings

Our SAP consulting and implementation services and SAP Advisory practice are typically delivered by a team of Senior SAP Consultants who are also SAP Certified.  As a SAP Consulting Services Company, one of our unique SAP services offerings is that our experts are masters at turning your SAP investment into high-value SAP solutions.

Industry Expertise in Multiple Industry Verticals

Your business is special, and requires SAP consulting services that can help you achieve business outcomes that are superior to your competitors.  That's why we're the market leader in using advanced artificial intelligence coupled with deep industry expertise in:

  • Professional Services
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Postal Services
  • Logistics
  • EC&O (Engineering, Construction & Operations)
  • Oil&Gas
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications

In each of these industries, we have delivered business transformation powered by sap consultant teams and design thinking skills coupled with deep expertise across wide variety of domains.  It's the key reason we're known as one of the best sap industry solutions consulting providers.  

Software Development

While we are able to provide SAP functional consulting across the full spectrum of SAP offerings, as well as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fiori, SAP Leonardo, SAP Hybris, SAP HANA Cloud and SAP industry solutions, we also can deliver custom SAP solutions. 

Salesforce Delivery Practice

We also have a Salesforce delivery capability as well as Hubspot Marketing and Sales consulting practice.  

High Performance E-Commerce Solutions

Our ecommerce performance team offers a broad array of services that combine both SAP Hybris and Shopify as an integrated ecommerce platform solution offering.  Being widely regarded as one of the best SAP ERP consulting providers comes from understanding and being able to fully exploit digital marketing and sales channels.

SAP Implementation and Business Strategy Advisory

Many, if not most of our clients need not just help with their SAP implementation, they also need our Business Strategy Advisor services.  This can range from advice on technology stacks to management changes.  We use data and insights coupled with our proprietary methodologies to drive organizations to ever higher performance levels.

Innovation Roadmaps

Our customers are innovators.  They want their businesses to be both cost leaders and industry innovators.  That why our SAP process professionals are in such high demand - results.  Our network of SAP consulting experts are idea generation experts.  They also know just how far you stretch the SAP system capabilities and what else you can combine it with to come up with a unique solution your enterprise needs to succeed.

SAP Maintenance Processes

While SAP is a mature COTS (Commercial-off-the-Solution), it still requires on-going maintenance and support.  While many clients opt to establish an internal Center of Expertise for this purpose, others rely on external software support.  We provide both external SAP support as well as SAP CoE support.

SAP Business Consulting Services

Again, we thank you for contacting us about your SAP Consulting needs.  Once you complete the form to request your initial SAP consultation, our SAP service advisory team will reach out to you and we can start the process of finding your SAP Consultant, or your entire SAP implementation team.


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