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SAP Consulting Guide

While we process your SAP consulting support request, we would like to provide you with our unique guide to the characteristics we have found you should look for in a high quality SAP Consultant.  Once you complete the consulting request, we'll send you to a download page with the guide.

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A US Based SAP Consulting Company

We thought you might also want to know more about us.  SAP BW Consulting, Inc. was founded by a Senior SAP Industry Principle and a Senior SAP Business Intelligence consultant.  Big data is in our DNA.  

Core Principles

  • Use proven implementation methodologies
  • Engineer each customer's process for optimal effectiveness
  • Help customers achieve success by productizing our service offering.
  • Practice and contribute to the lean movement.

What Customers Ask Us To Help With

Our customers are a demanding lot.  Some are looking to implement SAP 'Green Field', with SAP Industry Specific Solutions, such as IS-Retail.  Others need highly specialized SAP BW consultants with specific expertise, such as SAP REFX, or high frequency trading.  Still others need help uncovering additional value available to them from within their SAP system.  The founder is a working SAP Project Manager who continues to drive successful implementations around the world.

SAP Partner Marketing and Sales Support

As SAP Partners who have learned how to combine deep Inbound Marketing and Sales expertise with SAP consulting, we are often engaged to help SAP partners increase their lead generation and customer acquisition efforts.   


Development Capability

Our development capabilities are world class, with both onsite, onshore and offshore development capabilities.