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SAP Consulting

Thank you for requesting SAP Consulting Support from us.  We are one of the leading SAP Consulting Companies.  Whether it is for a single consultant or for a whole team, please complete the SAP Consulting Support Request Form and we'll get back to you ASAP


SAP Consulting Guide

To ensure you get the fastest possible service, after your submit your request, you'll be taken to an online booking form where you can grab a spot on our calendar.  This is the fastest way to ensure you get your SAP consulting requirements met.

Initial FREE SAP consultation

We offer an initial free consultation via Conference Call.  We do this to get an initial idea of your current SAP Consulting requirements.

Senior Level SAP Consultants

In order to provide the best SAP Industry Solution Consulting, we've built a team of the best Senior Level SAP Consultants.  Within SAP, SAP Consultant Rates are usually determined by what are know as K-Rates.  Our Senior SAP Consultants are normally K6, K7, K8 or K9 platinum level consultants.   

This is what allows us to provide the best ERP consulting service in the industry.  We have found that our clients need and demand innovative yet implementable SAP solutions.  That's why the best SAP HANA consulting approach is to understand the capabilities of SAP HANA coupled with deep customer insight.


Which SAP Modules Can Be Supported?

We can provide advanced SAP Consulting on the following SAP Modules and Industry Solutions:

  • SAP Modules

    SAP HR
    SAP BW, BI, Dashboards
    SAP TM
    SAP Netweaver
  • SAP Industry Solutions

    SAP IS-Retail
    SAP Professional Service
    SAP Postal
    SAP Logistics Service Providers (LSP)
    SAP Manufacturing
    SAP EC&O
    SAP IS_Oil

Remote SAP Consulting

In addition to providing SAP Certified Consulting resources with deep industry experience, we provide remote SAP Consulting.  Our remote and onsite SAP Consulting rates are among the most competitive in the industry.

Top SAP Consulting Company

You don't get to be a top SAP Consulting Agency without establishing a track record of success.  We have successfully delivered:

  • Large scale, green field implementations
  • Business Transformation Success Stories
  • SAP HANA Upgrades and Migrations
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Global Roll-Outs
  • Custom Developments
  • Value Engineering
  • Strategy Management

Our unique delivery methodology helps you get the maximum value from your SAP system in the minimum amount of time at the least risk. 

Not Sure What is SAP Consulting?

We believe SAP Consulting is the successful combination of SAP training and education, industry experience and SAP Project Experience.  It also is the effective combination of the SAP ASAP Implementation methodology combined with proper project management.    That's why our projects have all been successful and why you should contact us if you want to achieve success on your SAP project.

Again, we thank you for contacting us about your SAP Consulting needs.