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Interactive SAP BW Project Resource Estimator

This is only a partial list of standard SAP BW Content you can estimate with our SAP BI Resource Estimator Calculator.  We have a number of additional estimation resources we can bring to bear on your SAP BW on HANA project.  It still takes skilled and experienced SAP BW Consultants to effectively estimate your SAP Business Intelligence project who know what the SAP BW implementation steps are.   Our highly experienced certified SAP project managers stand ready to assist.


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Resource Management

Project Management Software Can Help

All projects, whether in the United States or somewhere else in the world, have a critical requirement to manage not just their SAP Consulting Resources, but all of their project resources, including 3rd parties, internal team members and equipment and facilities.

Project Managers Need Resource Utilization Systems

Having initiated dozens of different projects, across numerous industries, Project Resource Estimation has become a key capability of SAP BW Consulting's team of Project Management Professionals.  That's why we developed the SAP BW Resource Estimator.  It is critical to have the right number and right type of SAP BW resources planned and available when you start your SAP BW project.

Our approach to effective project resource utilization comes down to utilizing the best tools available coupled with deep management and leadership expertise and experience.  That typically means we use a system like Microsoft Project to develop our project plans within the increasingly common Microsoft Teams environment. 

Linking Everybody to the Project Plan

That way, we can set up automatic task updates from the individual team members, which drive updates to the project plan, and subsequent updates to the project resource utilization reports and cost control and reporting activities common on SAP HANA, SAP BW, and SAP ERP implementation projects.

Avoiding Scope Creep With Good Estimates

As all experienced project managers know, avoiding scope creep is a never ending battle.  That's why we are sticklers for thorough documentation of all assumptions, resource estimates and business processes.  With the right initial project conditions established, including a resource estimate that you can audit, when inevitable scope changes are necessary, you can re-baseline your project baseline and everyone will have ready documentation to backup the decision.

Reuse Past Project Documentation

One of the secrets to success for all of our junior project managers is to know where to find and how to utilize existing project documentation.  This reuse of past project work provides a number of benefits for both consulting companies and customers:

  • Quicker Project Planning
  • Higher Quality Project Planning
  • Lower Error Rates

The SAP Project Implementation Methodology relies heavily on a set of standard processes and procedures.  This means you're never starting from scratch.  Instead, you are leveraging pre-built project plans, documentation standards, process models, functional and technical specifications, end-user training models and probably least appreciated of all, the extensive library of test cases that come with the SAP Best Practices.  

Tight Project Management Processes

As a Management Consulting firm, we ensure our SAP projects are delivered successfully by adhering closely to proven Project Management Practices, which were initially developed by NASA and are now integral to the PMBok and PMI.  As a consulting business, we've developed and continue to develop, a body of knowledge that is widely used around the world to ensure Business Intelligence projects are continuously delivered successfully.

Tailored Consulting Services

With our focus on data warehouses, and the impact on business strategy and execution, we are able to provide strategic advisory services that help businesses achieve their business goals.  By nature, digital transformation is what we help companies achieve.