Do you have SAP ERP implementation issues?

Many SAP customers do.

Four of those issues are briefly described here, along with their implications and our recommendation of how to remediate them.

Issues Chevron

Implications Chevron Recommendations
  • Lack of SAP Certified Consulting Resources
  • Lack of Solid Business Case
  • No clear Implementation Roadmap
  • Mis-Fit between SAP ASAP and Business
    Intelligence Implementation Methodology

  • Project Delayed
  • Go-Live with No Pay-Off
  • Loss of Project Momentum due to jumping around
  • Implementation requires specialized Project
  • Increase number of SAP Certified Consultants on Project
  • Utilize SAP Value LifeCycle Manager and Value Management Methodology to build solid business case
  • Focus on Go-Live while also planning subsequent improvement cycles

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Implementing the Recommendations

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