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SAP BO Webi Tutorial

Like all SAP projects, a SAP Webi (Web Intelligence) project requires a great deal of preparation as well as preparing the end user.    As a SAP Webi Project Manager, or webi consultant, you need to show your users how to make the system sing and dance, so that, ultimately, it helps their business earn more profit.  As it happens, we have done this a few times already, and have been able to put together a comprehensive SAP Webi End User training guide that you can use to teach your users the following:


SAP Webi TutorialYou Will Get a Comprehensive 12 Part Guide in This SAP BO Web Intelligence Tutorial Series

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence Tutorial Includes:

  • Business Objects xCelsius Overview
  • Business Objects Web Intelligence Overview
  • InfoView Directory Structure
  • Creation of Project Authorization for Users
  • How to log into InfoView
  • Understanding SAP BO Webi
  • Webi Reports – Step-by-Step How To Guide
    • Create New Webi Query & Report
    • Toolbars
    • Sort Data
    • Save Report
    • Sum Data
    • Group Data
    • Create Formula


Improve SAP Webi End User Acceptance

Each of these subjects is covered in the core official training, but not from the perspective of the end-user. 


This training document offers a great deal of value to any SAP Web Intelligence Implementation team as it takes someone who has little to no dashboarding experience and shows them how they can take spreadsheets and a large number of other source systems, and create highly interactive dashboards, quickly, simply, and cheaply.  This means you will be able to overcome what is widely perceived as the number one destroyer of value from business intelligence systems-lack of user acceptance!


SAP Webi Requirements Gathering is Crucial to Success


To really take your SAP BOBJ Webi Dashboarding to a new level of excellence, we also encourage our customers to concentrate on getting their requirements correct.  What does ‘correct requirements’ mean though?  Really nothing new here, but we have developed a database that allows you:


  • Define each KPI

  • Record and track the process taken to arrive at agreement on the meaning of a KPI across Strategic Business Units

  • Provide complete track and trace capability of all your KPIs

  • Track data sources, required transformations and destinations

  • Show who owns each KPI, and the associated business position (because names change while the position remains the same)

  • Keeps track of the status of which webi dashboard elements have been completed and which remain, allowing you to estimate the remaining project duration.

  • Allows the assignment of targeted values to each KPI along with alert ranges and who set them.

A Roadmap For Construction Of Your Universes


All of these specific business requirement functionalities serve many important purposes, however, one critical functionality is that it provides a roadmap used during the construction of your universes, which, in the case of this project, were the primary data source, but required substantial work.


The great thing about this guide is that it is easily transferable to any xCelsius dashboarding project, at least at an abstract, Best Practice approach level.  As SAP evolves their products, we see clearly overlapping project requirements and therefore, wanted everyone to have this universally applicable guide.


Download SAP BW BO Webi Tutorial Guide - Part I


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