Learn What SAP ERP is Using Our ERP MindMap

SAP ERP Can Be Complicated To Understand

We Developed This SAP ERP Mindmap To Clarify What It Is

One of the most common questions we get asked by CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, and Executives at all levels, is "What is SAP ERP"? 

ERP can trace its roots to MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and then onto MRP II (which has various definitions but in the late 1980s had 16 modules).  Fundamentally, ERP represents an evolution of these two approaches to managing the dependent and independent demands of a manufacturing environment.  It turns out that the concept can be applied to virtually any industry, for example, Real Estate,  and has been.

  • Download our unique SAP ERP MindMap which will provide you with a complete overview of the ERP system.
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Use our SAP ERP Mind Map to both understand what ERP is and what SAP has to offer.

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