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SAP BW Consulting Methodology Development

Working as a SAP BW consultant reminds me of when I was a young boy in Indiana, growing up next to the state’s largest state park.  My brother and I spent hours and hours each week playing on a grapevine swing playing rescue in that park.  That activity has been repeated on a daily basis since we incorporated our business, SAP BW Consulting, Inc.

Firstly, with the swing, we had to think about what we wanted to do with that swing, maybe we would play recovery that day.  In the game of recovery we had to plan every step of the process.  First we pulled a grapevine-strong enough to hold two boys-away from a tree.  Next we had to decide which tree across from us one could cling to when we swung toward it over a deep ravine.  We would then take a running go, aim ourselves at our goal, and fly over the ravine where one of us would grab onto our destination tree and cling to it while the other would push off and return to the reverse side.

Business Intelligence


We do the same thing today except we now have the knowledge after many years of real world SAP implementation and consulting experience educating ourselves in the use of the SAP BW products.

SAP BW Consultants Who Put Customers First

Like our destination tree, we meet with our customers, take them by their hand and swing with them across the ravine and determine what they need and want. Then we plan, along with them, how to implement those ideas.  We call that SAP BW Consulting.

Setting SMART Goals Is Where It All Begins

We set our sights on our customer’s end goals and work diligently toward those goals, rescuing them back across the ravine to a safe haven where they can then do the job with little interference from SAP BW, although we will always be on site to help if they need us again.

We Can Do the Same Thing for You. 

Just give us a call at 812-340-5581, and let us come to the rescue and help you fulfill your goals.

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How to work with us as a Vendor or Supplier:

If you are a subsidiary with a US Parent Office, since we are a USA based company, the easiest way for you to work with us is to go though your US parent location and to do the contracting through your US Corporate Parent Office.

How does this work:

Let's say you are located in India and you are working for an Indian based subsidiary of a major US information technology company. To easiest way for you to work with us is to go through your US parent company, have them contact us, we work out the contract terms and payments with your US parent company and when everything is worked out, we can then contact you in India either for remote support in India or as an onsite visits to India. All billing could then be done between us and your US parent company.


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